KTM vs. Kawasaki Sales in India | Monthly Sales Report

KTM vs Kawasaki Sales in India: KTM and Kawasaki unintentionally share a rivalry like no other. Once upon a time in India, both the Orange and Green team was under the same roof. Then came March 31, 2017 and everything came to an end abruptly. Reason was never made officially clear and nor does anyone hope that it will come public anytime soon.

This resulted in KTM getting the 351 Pro-biking dealerships across India and Kawasaki remaining with their 21 present day dealerships. At the time of division, they only had 12 dealerships in India. Kawasaki’s next dealership will open in Calicut, Kerala soon.

Both the brands are performance centric and offers a limited number of options for the Indian market. KTM has limited the bikes to 200, 250 and 390 series while Kawasaki offers much bigger bikes that start from Z250 and goes up to Ninja H2R.

KTM vs Kawasaki Sales in India

KTM vs Kawasaki Sales
KTM vs Kawasaki Sales in India | Monthly Sales Report

KTM Sales Figures in India

Bike/Model Sales (Nov. 2017)
Duke 200 + RC 200 1966 Units
Duke 250 419 Units
Duke 390 + RC 390 430 Units
KTM vs Kawasaki Sales
KTM vs Kawasaki Sales in India | Monthly Sales Report

Kawasaki Sales Figures in India

Bike/Model Sales (Nov. 2017)
Z250 0 Units
Z650 6 Units
Z900 31 Units
Z1000 0 Units
Ninja 300 28 Units
Ninja 650 19 Units
Ninja 1000 18 Units
Ninja ZX-10R 0 Units
Ninja ZX-10RR 0 Units
Ninja ZX-14R 2 Units
Ninja H2 0 Units
Versys 650 5 Units
Versys 1000 0 Units

November 2017 saw a drop in sales of almost every brand as festive hype went down in October this year. KTM 200 Duke and RC 200 collectively brought 1966 units while Duke 250 was good for 419 units. KTM 390 Duke and RC 390 could fetch just 430 buyers in November 2017. Actually, these numbers are not up to the expectations.

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Total 2815 units were sold from the KTM lineup, resulting in just 8 units per dealership every month. The bikes are priced well under INR 2.50 lakh (ex-showroom) in all states of the country. Kawasaki, on the other hand, sold just 109 units in total. The situation here is totally different.

Every dealership was able to move a minimum of 5 bikes (on an average). The prices varied highly from INR 3.60 lakh for the starting level Ninja 300 to INR 19.70 lakh for Ninja ZX-14R. The highest selling product for Kawasaki is Z900, priced at INR 7.68 lakh in India. They even sold 18 units of Ninja 1000.

The trends are quite different in both the brands. Selling 18 units of Ninja 1000 makes a sale of INR 1.8 Crore, further clubbing the same with almost INR 40 lakh from ZX-14R and INR 2.4 Crore from Z900. Another INR 1 Crore comes from Ninja 650’s sales. KTM, on the other hand, sold almost INR 20 Crore worth of bikes in the same month.

The Orange brand is a winner in number terms but don’t forget, all this comes at the stake of hundreds of dealers who are actually struggling to sell bikes every month. KTM should bring the 790 Duke within the earliest possible time frame as it is the only thing that could bring shivers across Kawasaki lineup with its value for money feel.

Data Source: AutoPunditz