New KTM 390 Duke Recalled in India

The KTM 390 Duke made its debut in India in February 2017. It was an all-new aggressive design that was unseen in the market, and it was an instant hit. However, the life of the bike has not been trouble-free ever since its launch. Right from the beginning, the customers have faced quite a number of problems with the bike.

The problems included randomly restarting TFT displays, bugs in the software of the bike, headlamp not turning off even when the key is removed from the ignition, leakage of fuel, the fuel-filter coming loose, and a battery losing charge without any reason. The problems had gone to an extent that the company had to recall the bikes in Europe in 2017 to fix the issues, either by changing the parts or giving the bike a software update. However, the Indian market did not get any recall as such. On an international level, the company kept on upgrading the software, while the domestic market kept on cribbing about the problems.

KTM has continued the trend and recalled the 2017 390 Duke model for a “Monsoon Kit Fitment”. Giving it a tag of ‘Compulsory’, KTM has recalled the bikes on a polite note. The recalling will focus on three main things; they will arrest the vibrations in the headlamps, change the ECU bracket, and change the rear seat bushings to prevent load on the tail lamp.

If you are a proud owner of the new KTM 390 Duke, it is highly advisable to take your bike in for the fixing of the problems, even if they have not appeared on your bike. The problems can arise at any time, but right now, the monsoon kit is being fitted on your bike for no extra cost. All it would cost you is about one hour for the job to be completed.

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