KTM RC 200 Sports Bike Pros & Cons (Complete List)

KTM RC 200 is a beginner’s Ninja H2 for sure. A rider who safely wishes to upgrade from a 150cc motorcycle (CBR150R or R15 most probably) in India has no better option than this 199.5cc KTM supersport machine. The single cylinder motor is good for 25 HP at 10,000 rpm and 19.2 Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Here are the pros and cons of KTM RC 200.

KTM RC 200 Pros Cons
KTM RC 200 Pros Cons

KTM RC 200 Pros & Cons

RC 200 Pros

1) Engine & Gearbox: The engine performs excellently well when compared to any other 200cc motorcycle in the market. The high output, along with the powerful stance and smooth gearbox can help a rider achieve unmatched equilibrium with the road.

2) Performance: It weighs just 154 kg and brings in a 9.30 second 0-100 kph sprint. This makes it the fastest fully-faired motorcycle in its segment. Not just that, the top speed of 140+ kph is another great point for the motorcycle.

3) Handling Quality: The handling factor of the KTM RC 200 makes it India’s most affordable yet highly praised motorcycle. It uses premium parts like USD forks and projector headlamps for raising the overall ownership appeal.

4) Aerodynamic Ability: The design is aerodynamically very effective and saves the rider from strong winds at high speeds with its elongated front visor. The performance remains impressive throughout the range due to the least wind interference.

5) Styling: The added Orange essence to the motorcycle through its exposed frame and wheels makes it highly attractive in terms of looks & style. The overall design is ageless but, may get an update once the 2020 KTM RC 390 is finalized.

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6) Console: The instrument console is a single all-digital display with loads of features into it. It can help the rider understand the machine in a better way and use every bit of information for the betterment of the riding skills.

7) Single Channel ABS: The presence of ABS makes it feel fully-equipped when compared to many bikes in the segment. It even becomes safe for beginners on wet roads and daily riding conditions.

KTM RC 200 Cons

1) Strict Riding Position: KTM RC 200 has an extremely sporty riding position. For those with a back problem, it can be uncomfortable riding this bike. The bike also has some serious heating issues, especially in heavy traffic conditions.

2) Mileage: The mileage of KTM RC 200 is quite different from other 200cc motorcycles in India. The low value (30-35 kmpl) is due to its high-performance quotient.

3) Small Fuel Tank: The fuel tank of the motorcycle holds just 9.5 litres of fuel, making it good for nothing more than 290-330 km in total. Those who ride a lot will need to have more than 2 weekly visits to the petrol pump.

Deciding whether KTM RC 200 is to be bought or not depends more on the need of a rider in real life. If you are always within fuel station limits, do not worry about fuel prices, ride KTM RC 200 as a second option or if you love track racing, it can be the best option with the most effective price tag. If you love weekend trips and ride the motorcycle daily for more kilometres than usual, it won’t suit your lifestyle.