Mahindra is Reportedly Working on 125cc-300cc Peugeot Motorcycles

Mahindra is carefully resurrecting partner brands from various markets. After getting the BSA and Jawa moniker work for itself again, the Indian manufacturer is said to consider Peugeot Motorcycles as its next project. The Italian brand is owned by Mahindra, selling just scooters like Metropolis and Django, even after having the word motorcycle in its name. Mahindra is expected to launch a 300cc Peugeot branded motorcycle in the coming months, most probably based on the same platform as their current generation Mojo XT300. The ‘Performance 2020’ program from the brand will focus on 125cc-300cc motorcycles under the Peugeot nameplate.

300cc Peugeot Motorcycle
The 300cc Peugeot Motorcycle is Expected to be Based on Mahindra Mojo

The focus area for these motorcycles will be South Asia, leaving them with Mojo as the best option for solid built quality and reliable engine performance. The starting engine range of 125cc may be sourced from some other manufacturer as these are not so popular among performance lovers in the Asian markets. Here, the displacement under quarter-liter section is mostly distributed among commuter and mild performance bikes. The brand is planning for an assembly point in Thailand, keeping costs under check once the brand goes into full swing. Not just Peugeot, Mahindra is also giving complete support to Jawa brand for improved presence.

Jawa is expected to launch three motorcycles in this fiscal, leaving them just six months to test and launch the surprise products for India. Those seen in the international lineup may not get a launch event in India, most probably due to cost reasons for the brand. Mahindra Mojo is also expected to serve as a base for the upcoming Jawa bikes. The platform is versatile that an electric Mojo was also spotted testing in Bangalore. The entry of Peugeot in India will mark a new era of scooters as the Metropolis already gained a fan following after its official showcase at Auto Expo 2016.

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Mahindra is Reportedly Working on 125cc-300cc Peugeot Motorcycles
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