Confirmed: Classic Legends to Launch Yezdi & BSA Motorcycles in India

Classic Legends, the parent company behind Jawa Motorcycles, recently confirmed that they will introduce the BSA and Yezdi brands in India. The introduction process may include local production for the first phase for export markets and planned launch for Yezdi bikes at the Auto Expo 2020. BSA came into the spotlight with Mahindra announcing an all-new product, hinting at another superstar entry like Jawa 300 and 42 for India. On the other hand, the displacement expectations are double than what Jawa brought to India with the BSA brand. Yezdi earlier came with the 250cc engine and that makes it purely eligible for another Mahindra Mojo based motor with added character.

300cc BSA Motorcycle
BSA Motorcycle Rendering by Jakusa Design

As Jawa bikes are here to rival Royal Enfield, it will affect the buyers of UM also. The lack of features among UM bikes, along with their high pricing, may not let them be as comfortable for the upcoming buyers against Jawa bikes. The Jawa Perak, priced at INR 1.89 lakh and using Bobber-specific design lines will directly rival every possible machine around the segment in the second half of 2019. Yezdi bikes could also get an all-new motor with smaller displacement and weight reduction to create a new, unchallenged segment of motorcycles in the country.

Yezdi Motorcycles
Sketches of Classic Yezdi Motorcycles

Mahindra has done a great job by assembling all the vintage brands with one parent company, leaving all of them with an option to share parts with existing products and lower down the cost of existence in the Indian market. They have planned 105 Jawa dealerships and all of them can be used under the Classic Legends brand name in the coming years. The parent brand can proportionally divide fans and fulfil their biking requirements by placing every genre of a bike into the right section. The instant popularity of Jawa’s return estimates how fans in India will welcome the other two manufacturing labels. The next update is expected around Auto Expo 2020.

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Jawa Motorcycles
Classic Legends Recently Launched the Jawa Motorcycles in India
Confirmed: Classic Legends to Launch Yezdi & BSA Motorcycles in India
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