Matter Energy 1.0 Makes Official Debut – Develops 520Nm Torque!

Recently, Matter Energy made the global debut of its all-new electric motorcycle – the Matter Energy 1.0. It is AIS 156 compliant and has a high energy density 5kWh power pack. The battery pack, BMS, DriveTrain Unit (DTU), and power conversion modules are part of the integrated unit. An Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System is used in the pack.

A patented active liquid cooling system is included with the geared electric motorcycle. This keeps the battery pack, motor, and power electronics cool. With the electric motor, a HyperShift manual Gearbox is used. The electric motor produces 520Nm of torque at the wheel and is paired with a proprietary sequential 4-speed manual transmission. Bookings will be available soon, and the motorcycles will be built in Ahmedabad.

A bi-functional LED projector headlamp, and split LED tail lamps. Along with body-integrated front turn signals and an exposed spinner attached to the motor are all design elements.

Storage space with built-in lights and a smartphone charging port are among the convenience features. The 7-inch touch-enabled Instrument Cluster is powered by 4G connectivity and Android software. The instrument cluster provides customers with a wealth of information. Including speed, riding mode, gear position, navigation, media, and call control features.

Controls are accessible thanks to the seamless integration. Remote lock, live location tracking, geofencing, and vehicle health monitoring are all included. Customers can get information on ride statistics, charging status, and push navigation. A proximity-based key fob enables passive keyless entry, approaching the vehicle allows one to unlock it.

Vehicle functionality has been tested in a variety of climatic conditions ranging from -10 degrees to 55 degrees (C). Large tyres are paired with front and rear disc brakes with ABS. Because of the improved traction and road grip, this is intended for hard and safe braking.

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Using a dual cradle frame improves vehicle stability, riding dynamics, and cornering ability. Matter Energy is expected to reveal the prices of the electric motorcycle in the coming weeks. We expect it to get a price tag of around Rs 1.50 lakhs.

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