Mobil Super Moto 15W-50 Engine Oil Launched in India @ INR 1000

Mobil Super Moto 15W-50 has been officially revealed in the market by the American multinational oil and gas cooperation ExxonMobil Pvt. Ltd. The product is completely associated and owned by the company. Its launch has added to the options of engine oils already available in the market for the 4-stroke motorcycles. The oil has been carefully engineered keeping under consideration the climatic conditions of India. The engine oil is available in the market in a 2.5-litre packaging that has been given a price tag of INR 1000.

Mobil Super Moto 15W-50 Engine Oil
Key Features of Mobil Super Moto 15W-50 Engine Oil

The Mobil Super Moto 15W-50 engine oil offers a 57% improved protection against wear and tear. It ensures a long life of the engine as the product has been engineered on the basis of the tests performed as per the Industry Standards Engine test sequence IVA in API SL. The engine oil generates good thermal and oxidation stability plus it also ensures deposit control for having cleaner running engines.

The engine oil also possesses amazing corrosion properties and thus offers a long valve train and bearing component life. The oil is specialised at low-temperature properties and gives an easy start in cold weather and longer electrical system life. The engine is protected through a 3-way engine protector shield. It also protects the transmission and the clutch system. All these functionalities help the motorcycle offer better performance during long rides.

Mobil Super Moto 15W-50 Engine Oil
Mobil Super Moto 15W-50 Engine Oil Launched in India @ INR 1000

The engine is a multigrade engine oil which means that the oil can perform in all seasons. The 15W-50 means that the oil has a viscosity of 15W during cold weather conditions and offers a viscosity of 50 during hot weather, the reason it is said that the engine oil has been designed to suit the weather of India.

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The General Manager of Automotive Lubricants, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd. said in an interview that the demand for viscosity grade of 15W-50 doubled since last year as the demand for cruiser bikes have seen a hike. With this new launch, the company aims to match up with the customer’s demands.

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Mobil Super Moto 15W-50 Engine Oil Launched in India @ INR 1000
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