Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2016 | New Fine Structure

Regular offenders will now face the heat from Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2016 as the government’s list of fines has now gone up several times from those which were imposed few days back. The new amount of fines are placed to keep in check those people who simply sit on the throttle to enjoy their ride and forget about others who are innocently caught up in a mess on our Indian roads. Most changes are seen on those offenses which affects the life of a second person in case an offender commits a mistake.


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Aadhar Card will now be mandatory for applying a driving license across India. They have worked on making alterations for differently-abled people easy and more accessible. The contractors and civil bodies will now be held responsible in case the accident happens due to poor road conditions. In certain types of accidents, Motor Vehicle Accident Fund will include the coverage of the victim. The new amendments enable the government to apply a multiplier on certain fines, not crossing 10 times in any case.


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They have even brought the time to apply for compensation to six months in the new bill. Driving without a license will now cost INR 5,000 while over speeding will cost INR 1,000. Rash driving will cost up to INR 5,000 whereas overloading a two wheeler will bring a fine of INR 2,000 after this bill. Fine for driving without insurance has been doubled to INR 2,000 while not giving way to an emergency vehicle will now attract a fine of INR 10,000. This was not covered under any of the bill that was passed in the past.

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Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2016 | New Fine Structure


Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2016 | New Fine Structure
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