Motorcycle Battery Maintenance Tips – How To Improve Battery Life

Battery maintenance is essential for motorcycle owners since the battery is the beating heart of the motorcycle’s electric system. Not only the battery but the engine and fan also need to be taken care of properly to get the most out of your bike. If you pay proper attention to the maintenance of your bike, it will work hassle-free for the entire lifespan. Here are some important maintenance tips shared by the Youtube channel Live Rider.

To kick off with the bike start-stop, some premium bikes are offered with a self-start option, so while stopping at the red light, first turn the ignition key off and then the self-start-stop switch. It will surely help improve battery life.

Secondly, if your bike has been kept undriven for a long time and the battery has gotten low, you should start your bike and leave it till the alternator starts charging the battery. You can click here or tap on the banner below to watch the full video by Live Rider in which he explains all of the tips to increase the battery life of a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Battery Maintenance Tips by Live Rider

Also, start your bike once every four to five days if you are not using it regularly. However, in the video, the Jawa Classic 300 motorcycle is featured, but these tips can be used for all bikes.

Apart from the tips shared by Live Rider, you can enhance the bike’s battery life by not using any accessories that overload the battery, disconnecting the battery when not using the bike for months, and examining the connected wiring to prevent it from being triggered by heavy rain, windy conditions, or rodent attacks.

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