Live Photos of the Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle

The sixth edition of ‘India Bike Week’ witnessed the official unveiling of the Orxa Mantis electric motorcycle, which is a debutant electric product from the Bengaluru-based startup ‘Orxa Energies’. The Mantis e-bike is the debut product from the collaboration of Ranjita Ravi, Prajwal Sabnis (founders of Orxa) and Amrudesh Santhanam (Chief Engineer/CTO at Orxa Energies).

The brand has launched the Orxa Mantis electric motorcycle under the Airbus BizLab acceleration program specifically organised for entrepreneurs pitching their ideas. Equipped with a battery swapping technology, the first product from the brand is bound to be a predator that is capable enough to take the electric motorcycle segment in the wind.

Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle
Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle Unveiled @ IBW 2019

Commenting on the launch of Orxa Mantis electric motorcycle, Ranjita Ravi stated –  “Just like its namesake, the Mantis is a stealthy, ambush predator. Designed as an early performance and naked-sport motorcycle, it has a top speed of over 140kph and a range of around 200km per charge. The USP of the Mantis is that it is a ‘no-compromise’ bike and offers a seamless shift from ICEs to EVs. The rider does not have to worry about performance or charge.”

According to the brand, the mantis e-bike is capable of offering a top speed of 140kmph while the range of the motorcycle stands at 200km for a single charge of a battery. The brand has equipped the motorcycle with 6 swappable batteries that require a charging time of 4 hours or less for 100% charge.

Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle Console
Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle Instrument Console

The Orxa Mantis electric motorcycle has been equipped with a fully-digital dashboard and the rider can further connect the e-bike with a dedicated application via Bluetooth. The application further offers apt riding statistics, analytics as well as preventive maintenance guidelines to the rider.

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The battery pack used in the Mantis is a lithium-ion unit that the brand also sells across various parts of the world. The modular and swappable design of the batteries makes them easy to be swapped when in need while can be charged back in a short period of time.

In addition to the Mantis Electric motorcycle, the brand is also planning to unveil an electric reverse-trike by the name ‘Mantis Trike’ in the coming days. The company has not yet disclosed the price tag and availability of the Mantis e-bike. ‘Orxa Energies’ will also launch their battery swapping stations for the ease of the customers before commencing the deliveries of the Mantis in the Indian market.

Orxa Mantis Live Photos

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