Quick Tips to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Excellent Condition

Quick Bike Maintenance Tips – A motorcycle is definitely a prized possession for all those true riders who after driving years in the everyday cars, still wish to buy a new one and opt for a fun ride on two wheels. This article covers all those aspects that became queries in the minds of Indian riders due to least exposure to the all new terms. First, we will cover the steps that a new buyer should follow to keep his machine healthy while straight after that, there will be some tips for those who have been keeping up the love for motorcycling from last few years.

Bike Maintenance Tips
Quick Tips to Maintain Your Motorcycle | Bike Maintenance Tips

Bike Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Every new motorcycle needs special care during the first 500-1000 kilometers of its lifetime. It is never easy to control your emotions and ride the motorcycle in the prescribed manner but the same can bring few long life benefits to your priced possession. The run-in period confusions have been prevailing in the Indian automobile industry from a long time and needs to end as soon as possible.

Here are the right details to be followed after you but a new bike. The engine speed is the only matter that needs to be solved in case of getting a good run-in period. This actually means that there is no such restriction on the speed of the motorcycle typically. The maximum engine speed that is recommended in every case is 60%. This means that you should not rev the throttle above 60 percent in its initial kilometers. If your motorcycle supports a tachometer, you can see the area before red-line and calculate its 60% for accurate information.

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Bike Maintenance Tips

If a bike red-lines at 10,000 rpm, it is advised to keep the throttle under 6000 rpm for the first limited kilometers. If you bike lacks tachometer, you can see how the throttle twists and consider revving it to the half limit only. This can lead to a successful run-in period and could help in better mileage throughout the life of the motorcycle. The scientific reason behind run-in states that the engine parts are all new and friction between them is highest between this period.

The high friction lead to the production of micro particles that roams around freely in the engine compartment. The high revving could throw them with high speed on the cylinder and piston section, thereby affecting the quality of performance in the coming time. If the engine is revved easily in that period, those get collected in the oil filter after end of this period and can be removed easily during servicing. However, in case of an emergency, it is advised to save yourself before caring about this typical concept.

Bike Maintenance Tips

Even if you have spent a really great time with your buddy, still you have a lot to do for your motorcycle to keep running in the best condition ever. Most riders start feeling bored after few years and start mistreating their bikes as they have an eye on a new one. It’s good to upgrade but you should not forget that there may be someone who is in real need of your motorcycle and keeping it in the best of running condition could help the new owner enjoy the same fun as you did in those last years. Riding an old motorcycle is quite easy as you don’t have to worry about all those above listed drawbacks.

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But remember, problem can arise anytime if you ride your motorcycle in the wrong manner. Sudden acceleration, hard braking, holding the clutch while driving and even switching the engine on/off while driving can put you bike under wrong effect. To get the best mileage, keep the tachometer needle in lower range for smaller gears and try shifting whenever the bike allows you to do without knocking. Always switch off the engine at red light.

Bike Maintenance Tips
Bike Maintenance Tips

Servicing your motorcycle at given intervals is the best thing for its health. Always see that the oil gets changed, screws are tightened, filters are cleaned and proper washing takes place at every service. It is advised to stick to the manufacturer’s service center as they follow a strict checkup and use genuine parts while replacing a defected one on your bike. Proper drying and polishing of your motorcycle can save you from extra cost of rust removal and repainting. Taking care of parts like chain and tyres is must after smaller intervals (1500 km approx).

Bike Maintenance Tips
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Modifying your ride to suit your character is not a bad idea but think once about the rules that you will break in the process. Changing few parts like exhaust, seats and paint could lead to change in sound, emission, wheelbase and RTO details of the motorcycle. Most of such jobs are punishable under the law. They also reduce the life of your motorcycle and even voids the warranty. Restoration of an old product that’s really close to your heart is a good idea as it can save you from an upcoming hazard that’s hidden under the old body paint.

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Bike Maintenance Tips

The worst part of motorcycle ownership is amateur/street stunting, specially by the under-aged teenagers in India. As we all see on the popular video channels, the riders are wearing proper protection gear and performing in closed environment. They have trained for years in the same field and still, are on high risk at all times. Buying a motorcycle in India is easy and everyone gets the idea of stunting nice in the lifetime. No training, no riding gear and even performing in public places have led to hundreds of fatalities over the time.

This not just puts you under the risk but even take innocent lives of others on the road. It should be avoided at every cost and if still its tough to overcome, joining a proper training school and investing in protection gear is the best idea. And not just that, a bike that is used once for stunting can never be used for any other purpose as those extra molds and stress on the engine makes it weak over time. If not properly maintained, the engine would give up in even less than an year on a stunt bike.

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Quick Tips to Maintain Your Motorcycle in Excellent Condition
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