Revolt Motorcycle to Launch in India on June 18, 2019

According to the Revolt Intellicorp’s latest statement, they are all set to launch their first AI-powered electric motorcycle in India on June 18, 2019. The production-ready Revolt motorcycle was recently spotted on the Indian roads, painted in red and getting white highlights on the upper half. Surprisingly, the battery section was left without prominent stickering as only two white extensions are seen in the large area.

Production-Ready Revolt Motorcycle
Production-Ready Revolt Motorcycle Spotted in India

The possibility of the empty space carrying the motorcycle name is an all-time high as the Revolt moniker was missing from any of the panels spotted on the bike. The motorcycle is different from conventional motorcycles in many ways and first of them is the disc brake size.

It seems like the front and rear disc brake carries the same rating in terms of size, with USD forks looking great on the profile and taking the sporty character up for sure. The faired design was earlier seen on sports motorcycles but keeping the electric profile in mind, Revolt is putting covers on the battery and motor section.

The monoshock looks neat while the exposed frame is hidden under the rear under-seat panel of the motorcycle. A well-designed mudguard keeps the dust away from the electric setup. The long seat looks practical for the pillion too.

The Revolt motorcycle comes with a black underbelly panel that looks great with the contrasting red upper body. The fuel tank shape is given to keep the regular motorcycle profile alive or even the brand could have considered going for a flat upper section or carve some space for storage within the space.

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The tail light is well designed and tires on the motorcycle may arrive with some special compound for low rolling resistance. The handlebar seems relaxed and sourced from a veteran commuter to keep the seating position straight and comfortable at all times.

The headlight area was not clearly seen in the photos but, one can see that the white inserts are seen in the facial area too. The Revolt motorcycle is expected to be priced around INR 1.20 Lakh though, the compensation of INR 25,000 under the Fame II scheme is expected to bring the price tag under 1 Lakh mark.

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Revolt Motorcycle to Launch in India on June 18, 2019
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