Road Safety: ISI Certified Helmet for just Rs 9 in Droom Flash Sale

Droom India came up with one unique idea of promoting safety across Indian riders and the same idea is up online for the fourth time. They have been offering ISI mark helmets for INR 9 under their special program for last three times and the same scheme is back again for toady only.

In order to get more people into the helmet wearing community, this comes up as a good step by the online marketplace. These helmets cost INR 750 in the market and the deal has been named Get Set Helmets.

2017-06-15 13_45_58-Best Offers on Helmet, Get Set Helmet Deals @ Rs 9 _ Droom

Road Safety: ISI Certified Helmet for just Rs 9 in Droom Flash Sale

Droom has received around 65,000 orders till date and out of all, 52000 have also been delivered to their respective owners. Droom has entered into an alliance with manufacturers as the helmets come with Droom or Orange Book Value logos.

25 percent of deaths in road accidents occur on two wheelers and head injury is the most happening reason for the same. These kind of initiatives can help people get awareness regarding the need of helmets as one buyer will educate few others through the same.

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Indian market currently has a lot more number of two wheelers selling every year than any other automotive product. The rising number of buyers creates more traffic and that in turn results in more chances of an accident. Not just that, performance friendly motorcycles are now available in abundance and that further needs better safety gear for all around protection.

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