12,000+ Units of Royal Enfield Bullet Standard Sold in September 2018

Royal Enfield Bullet Standard is one of the most beloved machines in India. There is a certified cult following for the bike. This is often reflected in the year after year increase in sales of the bike. It is popular among those who want to use it as a daily ride and also among those who wish to use the Bullet as a style statement. After all, the exhaust of the Bullet has that thumping sound which paves the way for the rider in any traffic.

Even with the lack of modern features such as an electric start, a digital instrument console, and disc brakes, and a price point upwards of INR 1.17 lakh, the Bullet 350 Twinspark has managed to bring in a sale of 12,009 units in the month of Sept 2018. Last year, the number of sales for this bike was 9,505 units and the growth after one year has been 26%, showing that nothing can deter the fans of the Bullet.

The Bullet Standard has a complete retro look and has been the longest production bike in the history of India, with its production starting back in 1955. The 350 Twinspark is the closest thing that you can buy for the Bullet series that were manufactured by Royal Enfield in the last century. The engine has been updated and the color schemes have changed over time. There are some other differences as well such as the change in the position of the gear shifter lever from the right side over to the left.

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The 350 Twinspark features a powerful 346cc engine that pushes out a maximum power of 19.8 hp and a peak torque of 28 Nm. This is enough to propel the 183 kg bike from rest to 100 kph in under 16 seconds. The mileage on the bike is decent, with a combined figure of 35 kmpl. All the factors that would keep a normal person from buying a bike are completely ignored by true fans, who only want to buy the Bullet 350 Standard model.