Meet Electric Royal Enfield Classic with All-Digital Console

Meet Custom-Made Electric Royal Enfield Classic: Moving ahead with time is the only way to survive the ever-changing scenario of every developing market across the globe. The story is no different for Royal Enfield as with the passing years they have been adding modern features like smartphone connectivity, disc brakes, 2-channel ABS, self-starter, and a better drivetrain into their motorcycles.

Back in 2018, the brand also introduced the 650cc twins in the Indian market. The custom-made Electric Royal Enfield Classic from an authorised showroom in Thailand further makes the fact clear that the brand will achieve new heights in the coming years.

Electric Royal Enfield Classic
Electric Royal Enfield Classic

The frame of the motorcycle has received some alterations to make way for the huge electric motor and battery. The all-electric model of the Royal Enfield Classic features a belt-driven system and is equipped with a fully-digital instrument console that comes with modern features like sprint times and battery health indicator.

No exhaust means no sound and that could be the best thing ever for the environmentalists from the Bullet maker. The Royal Enfield Classic model you see here is not yet official as this one is a custom-made motorcycle. Still, the job seems to be very impressive from every angle.

All-Digital Instrument Console
All-Digital Instrument Console

The official word from Royal Enfield clears that they will be entering the electric motorcycle business but at the same time, they made the fact clear that expecting them to be the first won’t be correct. Still, the brand understands the importance of electrification and would work as much as possible to make it happen in the coming years.

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Electric Royal Enfield Classic Photos

Electric Royal Enfield Classic
Front 3-Quarter View of Electric Royal Enfield Classic
Electric Royal Enfield Classic
Closeup Shot of Electric Royal Enfield Classic
Electric Royal Enfield Classic
Closeup Shot of Electric Royal Enfield Classic


  1. AlphaVictor says

    “A random report on the internet claimed that bringing electric bikes
    before the entry of clean energy (nuclear generated) is equally harmful
    as we will just switch from petrol to coal and get out needs fulfilled.”
    Well, if we switch to electric vehicles, we will have better technologies by then..

  2. Mega Indian says

    You can use various smoke control systems and reduce the pollution if it is concentrated. But it is very difficult to control pollution on road. You saw Volkswagen catalytic converter scam. Likewise you cannot control smoke from millions of vehicles. But you can minimize smoke from 10 or 100 coal power plants. And moreover in 5 or 10 years 80% will be renewable and 15% will be nuclear. Only 5% will be coal.

  3. Mega Indian says

    Please provide the battery and motor specifications.

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