Clear Spy Video of 750cc Twin-Cylinder Royal Enfield Motorcycle

Update 2 – June 13, 2017 | Clear Spy Video of 750cc Twin-Cylinder Royal Enfield Motorcycle

Royal Enfield’s 750 cc twin cylinder motorcycle was recently again spotted sprinting on the Indian roads. Continental GT’s body design and a much bigger engine ensures that it comes up with an exclusive spot in the Indian market. It was seen with the same twin black exhaust and cafe racer style front fuel tank on this test mule. The video was shared by Anuraag Raut on his Facebook page.

The sitting position seems better than Continental GT and the rear section had some sort of machine tied to itself, covering the section that was once seen under the cowl. For those who love riding with pillion, the motorcycle is clearly seen with rear footpegs near the suspension. The engine feels huge around GT’s body line.

Video Credit: Anuraag Raut | Direct Video URL

Update 1 – May 15, 2017 | Fresh Spy Photos of 750cc Twin-Cylinder Royal Enfield Motorcycle

Royal Enfield’s twin cylinder motorcycle was recently seen in the most clear images of itself ever. The same was seen parked somewhere in India and these closeup shots reveal a lot about the actual built of the motorcycle. These images by BikesMedia can help the users compare the new 750cc, twin cylinder Continental GT with the actual one.

The first and the biggest difference is the presence of a big radiator on the recently spied motorcycle. Continental GT 535 is air cooled and does not have same on its body, making the new motorcycle heavier by a considerable margin.

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Fresh Spy Photos of 750cc Twin-Cylinder Royal Enfield Motorcycle

Then comes the big twin cylinder engine that fully covers the area under the long fuel tank. In case of the present generation 535 cc GT, the bay area is quite empty and relaxed. The rear Paioli suspension is replaced with a different unit while the tyres even look different and wider. ABS can be clearly spotted on the rear disc brake.

The motorcycle gets twin exhaust that is currently Black but may get Chrome covers in the production version. All other parts are identical to Continental GT while this can be a camouflage to hide the actual design of the motorcycle. Infact, the Clubman handlebar is even an exclusive feature on the new motorcycle.


Royal Enfield can actually place the twin cylinder body parts at the last moment as testing with this design can help them keep the design a secret from all the fans. The twin cylinder motor on the same is made in order to rival the Harley Davidson Street 750 and Continental GT’s single seat design may not help them fulfill this dream.

This is the only reason to expect a full length seat on the new motorcycle while they have even extended the chassis by a small margin. Royal Enfield may place the same around INR 4 lakh to cut down the price of its rival by at least INR 1 lakh or even more.