Meet Fully-Faired 650cc Royal Enfield Cafe Racer – Rs 30,000 Kit Price

As we all know, bike enthusiasts love to customise their bikes with after-market accessories and give them a more robust and stylish appearance. Recently, we have seen one such amazing conversion of Royal Enfield’s 650cc Twins into a fully-faired retro cafe racer and renamed FF650. This customisation process has been done with the Bolt-On kit by MK Designs India. 

Diving into the details of the RE FF650, the kit is the result of joint efforts by MK Designs, OneCars and Beespoke India. Each aftermarket company has been assigned a specific task. For example, Beespoke India handled the idea and design, while OneCars handled the paint and finishing. On the other hand, MK Designs produced the components of the kit. This kit is compatible with all standard RE colour options and gets DIY fitment; hence, it requires no welding or grinding. 

At the same time, a Youtube video has also been posted by MK Designs India, explaining the installation procedure. In the video, we see the RE Interceptor 650 finished in a gold paint scheme that is being used as a base model. The fairing has been designed, taking into consideration proper ventilation for the engine area. This kit contains a 5.75-inch headlamp, an underbelly, and side panels. The fighter jet-inspired front fairing with an incorporated windscreen not only enhances aerodynamics but also protects the rider from severe wind blasts at high speeds.

This Royal Enfield FF650 Fully Faired aftermarket kit is composed of fibre reinforced plastic, which is extremely sturdy and weather resistant. According to MK DESIGNS, the entire package weighs roughly 7 kg and has no effect on the bike’s performance. The Royal Enfield FF650 kit is interchangeable with both the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT650. The package costs around Rs 30k. However, the kit does not include a clip-on handlebar, which must be fitted separately by the Interceptor’s owner.

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