Karnataka Police Crushes Loud & Illegal Royal Enfield Exhausts by JCB

The loud & illegal Royal Enfield exhausts are under the scanner of law and order enforcement agencies. Those who are still thinking of an escape route, the recent step by Karnataka Police is another strict warning to keep those annoying things away from the public roads.

The exciting thing this time is that the traffic police called a JCB to have the honour of crushing the illegal exhausts in front of their owners. The video also shows a large number of RE bikes parked on the occasion with no exhaust attached to them. The motorcycles have been confiscated for violating the traffic rules and thus, bringing the right exhaust and paying the fine will only let them see the roads again.

Video: Royal Enfield Exhausts Crushed by JCB

Royal Enfield has worked hard from the last few years to reduce every bit of unpleasant noise from the exhaust system. The stock exhaust note is very satisfying, feeling more like a mini version of the premium cruisers and retro-modern bikes. However, when the dB killers are removed from the stock unit, the sound becomes different and louder than the normal tone.

The people who completely change the exhaust system of their motorcycle generally have two options available in the market. Either they can have an exhaust of a trusted brand with exhaust noise under the limit or they can just buy an example that is loud enough to make their motorcycle more noticeable.

Royal Enfield exhausts are carrying well-tested filters to keep the emissions under check at all times but when it comes to aftermarket units, they are designed to make noise and ignore all the real tasks that an exhaust system has to perform on a motorcycle.

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The brand is currently working on a BS6-compliant engine-exhaust setup that was seen on the test mule of 2020 Classic series motorcycle. If you are still riding with a custom exhaust that is louder than what the law permits, do replace the same with a gentle one to keep the surroundings happy and safe at all times.

Karnataka Police Crushes Loud & Illegal Royal Enfield Exhausts by JCB
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