Latest Royal Enfield Motorcycles On-Road Price List

Royal Enfield Motorcycles On-Road Price List: At present, Royal Enfield is offering a total of 29 models in the Indian market. The price range starts from INR 1,31,000 for the Bullet 350 X and goes up to INR 3,33,000 for the top-spec chrome model of the Continental GT 650.

The motorcycle lineup has 12 models under the 350cc series, 2 under the 400cc series, 9 under the 500cc series, and 6 models under the 650cc series.

All Royal Enfield motorcycles are equipped with dual disc brakes and a 2-channel ABS unit except for the Bullet 350, Bullet 350 ES, Bullet 350 X, Bullet 350 X ES, and the Classic 350 X. These 5 models are equipped with a rear drum brake, front disc brake, and a single-channel ABS unit.

Royal Enfield Bullet X
Royal Enfield Bullet X

After the addition of ABS to the lineup, Thunderbird feels more value for money in comparison to the Classic series. The Royal Enfield lineup is powered by a 346cc, single-cylinder engine for the 350 series and a 499cc single-cylinder engine for the 500 series. The Himalayan brings a different 411cc single-cylinder engine into action while the RE Twins are available with a 648cc twin-cylinder engine.

Royal Enfield Classic X
Royal Enfield Classic X

Latest Royal Enfield Motorcycles

350cc Models

  1. Bullet X: INR 1,31,000
  2. Bullet: INR 1,40,000
  3. Bullet X ES: INR 1,48,000
  4. Bullet ES: INR 1,56,000
  5. Bullet Trials: INR 1,85,000
  6. Classic X: INR 1,67,000
  7. Classic: INR 1,75,000
  8. Classic Redditch: INR 1,75,000
  9. Classic Gunmetal Grey: INR 1,77,000
  10. Classic Signals Edition: INR 1,86,000
  11. Thunderbird: INR 1,78,000
  12. Thunderbird X: INR 1,86,000

400cc Models

  1. Himalayan: INR 2,13,000
  2. Himalayan Sleet: INR 2,15,000

500cc Models

  1. Bullet: INR 2,22,000
  2. Bullet Trials: INR 2,43,000
  3. Classic: INR 2,36,000
  4. Classic Stealth Black: INR 2,40,000
  5. Classic Desert Storm: INR 2,40,000
  6. Classic Squadron Blue: INR 2,40,000
  7. Classic Chrome Edition: INR 2,48,000
  8. Thunderbird: INR 2,42,000
  9. Thunderbird X: INR 2,51,000
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650cc Models

  1. Interceptor: INR 2,95,000
  2. Interceptor Custom: INR 3,03,000
  3. Interceptor Chrome: INR 3,17,000
  4. Continental GT: INR 3,12,000
  5. Continental GT Custom: INR 3,20,000
  6. Continental GT Chrome: INR 3,33,000
Above Mentioned Price List is On-Road Delhi.
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Latest Royal Enfield Motorcycles On-Road Price List
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