Meet 29HP Storm Shadow 535 – Based on the Royal Enfield Classic Motorcycle

Storm Shadow may sound like a character from the famous Hollywood action series ‘GI Joe’, but here it portrays something very different from the silent martial artist. TNT Motorcycles from Delhi have converted a Royal Enfield Classic 500 into a modern tourer and they have named it after the legendary character. The motorcycle features a carbon fibre finish for enhanced visual pleasure and gets suitable performance upgrades to make it quick in comparison to the stock model of the 500cc RE Classic.

The bike features a reworked front fascia in addition to getting USD long-travel front forks, lightweight alloy wheels and a custom-designed headlight with twin projectors. The front fender has been actually replaced with a smaller unit while Storm Shadow even carries a raised fender for dirt protection. The front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes for enhanced braking power while the rear wheel has been further fitted with a floating tyre hugger.

The rear end of the motorcycle has been equipped with mounts for heavy luggage placement while the custom dual exhaust cans are placed under the seat for effective mass distribution. The engine section of the motorcycle has been finished in black while the dual rear shock absorbers of the stock model have been replaced with a monoshock unit. The handlebar is custom-designed and features a mount for phone charging and navigation purpose.

The Classic Storm Shadow 535 even features bar-end rearview mirrors which further enhance the unique styling of the cruiser. The fuel tank on the motorcycle is custom-built while its engine has been re-bored to 535cc to produce a maximum power of 29HP. The air filter used here is a K&N-sourced performance-friendly unit.

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The frame of this modified motorcycle has been made in such a way that it offers 254mm of massive ground clearance. This makes it good for rough roads while its comfortable, single unit seat makes it a perfect option for touring. TNT Motorcycles has not revealed the cost of the modification.

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