Mini Royal Enfield Classic Model Launched at Rs 67,990

After a two-year hiatus, Royal Enfield recently organised the 2022 edition of the Rider Mania, a three-day motoring event in Goa. The company unveiled its newest product, the Super Meteor 650, and all the colourways that will be available in the Indian market.

At the event, Royal Enfield not only displayed the Super Meteor 650 but also unveiled the most affordable Classic 350. This 1:3 limited-edition Classic collectable has been released in India for Rs 67,990, with bookings starting at Rs 2,000.

Royal Enfield has revealed this Classic collectable in 18 colours. Bookings for eight colours are available only at Rider Mania. The miniature model comes with features such as a rider-only seat with springs, wire-spoke wheels, and a peashooter exhaust. The company stated that this miniature is a limited edition model. It is not clear how many units will be produced of this limited edition.

Please keep in mind that the Classic 350 motorcycle is available in 15 different colours. Here is the ex-showroom price list for the new model of the RE Classic 350:

  1. Redditch Grey (Single-channel ABS) – Rs 1,87,346
  2. Redditch Red (Single-channel ABS) – Rs 1,87,346
  3. Redditch Sage Green (Single-channel ABS) – Rs 1,87,346
  4. Halycon Black (Single-channel ABS) – Rs 1,90,043
  5. Halycon Green (Single-channel ABS) – Rs 1,90,043
  6. Halycon Grey (Single-channel ABS) – Rs 1,90,043
  7. Halycon Black (Dual-channel ABS) – Rs 1,96,125
  8. Halycon Green (Dual-channel ABS) – Rs 1,96,125
  9. Halycon Grey (Dual-channel ABS) – Rs 1,96,125
  10. Signals Desert Sand (Dual-channel ABS) – Rs 2,07,539
  11. Signals Marsh Grey (Dual-channel ABS) – Rs 2,07,539
  12. Dark Stealth Black (Dual-channel ABS) – Rs 2,14,743
  13. Gunmetal Grey (Dual-channel ABS) – Rs 2,14,743
  14. Chrome Red (Dual-channel ABS) – Rs 2,18,450
  15. Chrome Bronze (Dual-channel ABS) – Rs 2,18,450
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