Modified RE Continental GT 650 Hits 241 kmph @ Bonneville Speed Week

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 claimed 241 kph of top speed at Bonneville Speed Week, creating a record for the brand which no motorcycle from their lineup ever made earlier. It was ridden by Cayla Rivas, the 18-year old rider with 12 world speed records under her name. The brand has never used speed as a promotion point in its entire history. The new products with the 648cc engine have the potential to add this highly demanded trait into Royal Enfield bikes. The Bonneville salt flats are the perfect place to enjoy the straight line runs for every type of customized automotive products.

Royal Enfield used a bike that is highly inspired by LockStock, keeping most components from the motorcycle alive on their salt racer. The Harris Performance tuned motorcycle claimed 241 kph of average speed during 20 runs in the event. It was equipped with NOS, a custom chassis and swingarm and Ohlins suspension for higher stability at this point. They are yet to get the certification for this achievement but, one can easily see how effectively the engine managed all this power addition and change in equipment for a drag style feel. It even had a huge rear wheel for this event.

Royal Enfield is yet to announce the pricing for both these models, leaving buyers in a state of confusion over getting more power for a bigger tag or waiting for RE to create an all-new segment with the twins. The 648cc, twin-cylinder engine on the Continental GT 650 is good for 47 bhp at 7100 rpm and 52 Nm at 5250 rpm. The stock condition of the engine is more torque focused, producing this massive amount of pulling power in the usable range. The bike weighs 199 kg in stock condition but, a huge reduction would have been specially made for Bonneville Speed Week.

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