Bengaluru Police & Royal Enfield Launches All-Women Motorcycle Brigade

Royal Enfield in association with the Bengaluru police has launched an all-women motorcycle brigade with the name “We for Women”. The brigade features a troop of 15 women sub-inspectors who will patrol the city with their Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles.

The “We for Women” initiative has been carried out in conjunction with the Bengaluru police department to ensure better safety of women and children in the city. The initiative has been specifically carried out with lady inspectors who are fond of riding. In addition to this, the women were prepared for handling every situation at hand while patrolling with the recently imparted training that was carried out in two phases.

In the first phase of the training, the brand has introduced the troop of women sub-inspectors with the Royal Enfield motorcycles which include the Himalayan, Interceptor 650 as well as the Classic 350. The riders were further trained to handle the motorcycles in different traffic conditions in the second phase of the training.

The ‘We for Women’ initiative was specifically led by Divya Sara Thomas, IPS, DCP, City Armed Reserve Headquarters, Bengaluru. Commenting on the special project, DCP Thomas said: “We want these women to lead by example and inspire other women as well while keeping the city safe.”

The training for the troops was conducted by professional Royal Enfield team who imparted the riders with the knowledge of handling the motorcycles in Bengaluru’s traffic as well as ensure their as well as women and child safety. Since the police force is currently brimming with the women inspectors and sub-inspectors, it is necessary to empower them in the roles that are usually dominated by the male patrons.

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The “We for Women” ride was carried out from Bengaluru to Nandi Hills and back to Bengaluru. The necessary initiative also served the purpose of killing the stereotypes related to women riders. The project further plans to add more city cops on the team to ensure better safety of every patron in the city.


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Bengaluru Police & Royal Enfield Launches All-Women Motorcycle Brigade
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