Royal Enfield 2.0 Strategy to Make Way for the 2020 Motorcycle Range

According to recent reports, the Chennai-based motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield is aiming for growth in the Indian market by double digits. The brand is working towards launching its 2020 range of motorcycles in order to compensate for the recent decline in sales.

The brand has faced a gradual decline in the sales of its products in 2019 for the first time and the company believes in achieving the double-digit growth once again by offering sustainable solutions and increasing their reach globally.

The slowdown in the Indian automotive sector is one of the causes of the decline in the sales for the two-wheeler manufacturer while the brand also believes the lack of new products to accelerate the downfall.

In order to reach the double-digit growth once again, the brand has officially launched a program called Royal Enfield 2.0, which will focus on 4 action points including the launch of 2020 product range, offering better solutions, increasing geographical reach, and leveraging the digital platform to build a global consumer brand from India.

The brand is also contributing towards increasing the growth by opening small studio stores across various cities to reach a wider audience while introducing several affordable versions of its motorcycle portfolio at the same time. The recently-launched 500 studio stores already contribute to a total of 10% of the brand sales within just six months of their launch.

The reports also suggest the brand to unveil its 2020 range of 350cc motorcycles in the coming months in addition to updating the existing portfolio with a BS6-compliant engine before the implementation of the new emission norms in India on April 1, 2020.

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The BS6 motorcycles from the brand are expected to get a slightly higher price tags as compared to the current-gen variants though, the performance of the next-gen motorcycles is expected to improve by a huge margin.

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Royal Enfield Classic 500 Goldy
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Royal Enfield 2.0 Strategy to Make Way for the 2020 Motorcycle Range
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