Royal Enfield 650 Twins Rear Suspension Being Upgraded for Free

Royal Enfield 650 Twins are eligible for a free rear suspension upgrade if the owners are facing any sort of problem with the setup. The upgraded suspension gets a new buffer made out of rubber, with no official recall in action for the units sold by the brand till date.

The motorcycle has crossed a respectable monthly sales figure already, with more fans entering the middleweight engine segment due to the effective starting price tag of INR 2.50 lakh. The RE Interceptor 650 has also won the ‘Indian Motorcycle of the Year 2019’ award with its exceptional built quality and value-for-money placement.

Continental GT 650 is the perfect option for buyers who need a more stylish avatar than the Interceptor. The motorcycle is good for 52 Nm of maximum torque, resulting in the most fun-filled ride offered by any Royal Enfield motorcycle of the current generation. The price difference of just INR 15,000 between both the products means choosing one of them is purely a visually-satisfying decision.

The models are available with optional accessories that further improve their presence among the indirect rivals. Royal Enfield 650 Twins are available with a 3-year conditional warranty and their paint options are the most vivid examples of all time.

The frame of the 650 Twins was developed by Royal Enfield in association with Harris Performance and therefore, the focus on affordability and performance was never lowered. The engine offers a combination of everyday riding ease and highway riding pleasure while slipper clutch, six-speed gearbox, and many other such additions were first-time features for a Royal Enfield.

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The use of a rubber buffer in the rear suspension can be confirmed with the nearest authorized dealership before going for an upgrade and not just that, if you own a 650cc Royal Enfield, we will advise you to keep the bike in standard condition if you are not facing any issues. If any problem is being faced, go ahead and get the rear suspension setup upgraded for sure.

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Royal Enfield 650 Twins Rear Suspension Being Upgraded for Free
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