Top 10 Must-Have Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories

Classic 350 is not just the highest selling product in the Royal Enfield lineup of retro motorcycles, it is a legend for the Indian market. Class-leading performance, retro-inspired styling and a host of advanced features clearly make this motorcycle a best-seller for its segment.

One special thing about Classic 350 owners is their love for accessories. Every owner has a different taste and that can be seen from their machine without saying a word. For those who still got a new one without anything on their side, here are the top 10 Royal Enfield Classic 350 accessories that you can buy in India.

Best Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories

1) Bar-End Mirrors @ INR 549 | Buy on Amazon

Best Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories
Bar-End Mirrors

Bar-end mirrors fit on the outer side of your handlebar and provide the same sort of view with added styling on the motorcycle. These were originally seen on cafe racers but Royal Enfield Classic 350 owners use them a lot for style enhancement.

2) Alloy Wheels @ INR 7699 | Buy on Amazon

Best Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories
Alloy Wheels for Classic 350

As Royal Enfield has very few products with alloy wheels as stock, buyers can consider aftermarket alloy wheels for maximum benefits. The design featured here is the most selling one as it suits almost every shade on offer in the present RE lineup.

3) LED Head Light @ INR 1199 | Buy on Amazon

Best Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories
Classic 350 LED Headlight

For those who travel a lot, especially in late hours, an LED headlight can prove as the best partner. It looks stylish and comes inspired by the ones offered on the Harley-Davidson bikes. It has both low and high beam bulbs in the setup.

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4) All-Digital Speedometer @ INR 2200 | Buy on Amazon

All-Digital Instrument Console
All-Digital Instrument Console

For the buyers who are looking for an advanced digital speedometer for their Classic 350, nothing can get better than the APEXMETER console. Fuel indicator may show fluctuations as it works best with fuel-injected Royal Enfield models.

5) Durable Grills @ INR 849 | Buy on Amazon

Best Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories
Safety Grills & Covers for Classic 350

Buyers use this set of grills over every light on the motorcycle. They not just add dark aesthetics to the motorcycle theme but also protects the lights and the indicators from unwanted scratches.

6) Pillion Backrest @ INR 1745 | Buy on Amazon

Backrest with Carrier
Backrest with Carrier for RE Classic 350

The most important accessory if you love travelling with a pillion, the backrest helps the rear seat occupant gain more confidence during high-speed highway rides and long-distance touring. It can bring back the smile of your riding partner.

7) Fog Lights @ INR 510 | Buy on Amazon

Best Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories
Classic 350 Fog Lights

This one is for those who travel day and night across variable terrains. LED fog lights are bright and help others locate you in non-usual riding conditions. They can be fitted through a custom mount or directly on the crash guard.

8) Crash Guard @ INR 1139 | Buy on Amazon

Best Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories
Leg Crash Guard for Classic

This is the most important thing that buyers consider after buying a Classic 350. As the bike has straight dynamics, a fall can bring a lot of damage to its metal fuel tank. Crash guards help in better placement of other accessories too.

9) Bar End Turn Indicators @ INR 484 | Buy on Amazon

Best Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories
Bar End Turn Indicators/Blinkers

These fancy-looking turn indicators look cool at night. They are almost the same as one considers turn indicators on the wing mirrors of a car.

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10) Leather Finish Seats @ INR 749 | Buy on Amazon

Leather Finish Seats

Buyers go for leather finished seat covers that not just look premium but also saves the stock seat from cuts and damage. These come in various designs while the one featured here has a diamond quilted finish.

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