Royal Enfield Officially Introduces Dry Wash System in Chennai

Royal Enfield has officially introduced the dry wash system at 20 service centres in Chennai. Water conservation plans from Royal Enfield will soon offer them one more positive point among the industry leaders. Once their plan for dry wash turns effective nationwide, they will save a lot of water daily that goes into the motorcycle washing area. Before understanding the depth of this concept, it is required that one should learn how the concept actually works.

The spray used during the wash uses high lubrication technology that dissolves the stains on the paint and can be easily removed using a clean wipe. The same mixture also has a wax-like property that makes it easy to swipe the cloth on the surface and that too without leaving any mark on the finish. However, the cloth used here must be cleaned on time as deposits can harm another clean product if a wrong cloth is used on the surface.

Royal Enfield Dry Wash System
Royal Enfield Officially Introduces Dry Wash System in Chennai

The technique requires a slightly bigger towel that can be folded to achieve maximum clean surfaces, further saving water when cleaning the same for next use. The pressure spray device works similar to a water gun as the pre-mixed solution is evenly distributed to achieve a perfect shine out of the product. Royal Enfield will use the same technology to contribute their part into the environment saving plans.

Commenting on the water-saving move, Shaji Koshy, Head-India Business, Royal Enfield said, “All our initiatives, such as dry wash and paperless services are aimed at enhancing the customer experience. The situation in Chennai has allowed us to innovate and bring efficiencies in our own operations, which is always the objective.”

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“Chennai is Royal Enfield’s bastion market and we are fully committed to doing our bit in the time of this adversity. Dry wash is a great technological advancement and we plan to take this to other cities in Tamil Nadu as well,” he added.

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Royal Enfield Officially Introduces Dry Wash System in Chennai
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