Loud & Illegal Royal Enfield Exhausts Crushed Under Road Roller by Traffic Police

Royal Enfield Exhausts Crushed Under Road Roller by Traffic Police: Loud exhausts in India are not so difficult to find as every city has an illegal supply of custom exhausts that focus only on sound and leave the real purpose behind. Times are changing as cops are now well known to handover hefty fines for this exhaust change affair.

Police crushing Royal Enfield silencers

RE Owner – Can I know the status of my seized defective silencer ?BENGALURU CITY POLICE – Yes sure, status updated. Thank you!

Posted by RushLane on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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One such incident caught media attention recently as Royal Enfield bikes with extra loud silencers (extra loud and silencer, see how we are degrading a device that stood for silence!) were confiscated in Bangalore and their custom exhaust hammered till death. Not just that, the leftovers were placed together and a road roller was used to flat them out.

Exhausts being crushed by special equipment!#rebc

Posted by Royal Enfield Bullet CLUB on Monday, December 11, 2017

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Guys, although these things are bought with hard earned money, why do we not understand that roads are for everyone. That includes children and elders with sensitive ears and not so solid heartbeat. Just for the sake of getting noticed, why can we just leave our own comfort behind and get into such a thing?

Royal Enfield Exhausts Crushed
Royal Enfield Exhausts Crushed Under Road Roller by Traffic Police

The change is necessary. Developed countries are bringing stricter emission as well as sound norms and India is still stuck with these pieces of metal that are zero in terms of environmental and human health. Even with his eyes closed, the cat will not spare the bird for sure.

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Royal Enfield Exhausts Crushed

Royal Enfield’s stock exhaust is so soothing around 60 kmph that one never feels anything bad for sure. The torque delivery is perfect and no need for a mod comes handy for performance enhancement. Traffic Police in Pune collected INR 36,200 in three days for the fines and exhaust worth more than this were destroyed.

Royal Enfield Exhausts CrushedLet’s leave this loud matter behind and enjoy every ride with more safety and emphasis on peace of mind. Riding close to nature never needs that extra loud accessories and believe me, rarely one likes a loud bike riding close. Either they race ahead or stay considerably behind for the sake of their own comfort.

Loud & Illegal Royal Enfield Exhausts Crushed Under Road Roller by Traffic Police
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