Loud & Illegal Royal Enfield Exhausts Seized by Delhi Police

Loud Royal Enfield Exhausts Seized by Delhi Police: It is a known fact that an aftermarket exhaust on a Royal Enfield motorcycle causes excess noise pollution and it has been officially regarded illegal in the country. Yet the crowd doesn’t seem to get the notice and continues to upgrade their motorcycles with aftermarket exhausts, loud horns, high beam headlights and more. In order to ban the illegal marketing of custom exhausts in the cities, several initiatives have already been issued by the traffic police.

In recent news, a similar procedure has been followed by Delhi Police, where the officials are catching the Royal Enfield owners that have been using aftermarket exhaust and loud horns further causing excess noise pollution in the city.

The police officials have formed several teams to issue challans to several riders using illegal exhaust systems. In addition to the challans, the illegal and loud exhausts were removed from the bikes on the spot. The cops have officially marked the exhausts to keep them in the records. It is still unknown whether the riders were allowed to take their bikes home after removing the exhaust on the spot since they will be making more noise without them.

The various cop teams are also issuing challans to the riders using modified loud or pressure horns on their motorcycles. A recent video has surfaced online, which shows several Delhi cop teams removing the loud illegal horns and exhaust systems from the Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Both the illegal accessories have been marked by the Delhi police for safekeeping while have been seized at a particular location. The video further shows hoards of illegal exhausts, headlights and horns being seized by the Delhi Government and stored at a warehouse.

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The Indian government has taken several initiatives to ban the use of aftermarket products that hamper with day to day functioning and cause noise pollution. Several states have also issued orders to completely destroy the aftermarket exhausts via JCBs or road rollers to prohibit the riders for using them in future.

Images Source: Royal Soldier (YouTube)

Royal Enfield Exhausts
Karnataka Police Crushes Loud & Illegal Royal Enfield Exhausts by JCB
Loud & Illegal Royal Enfield Exhausts Seized by Delhi Police
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