Royal Enfield Flying Flea and Roadster Trademarks Filed

At present, Royal Enfield is working quite hard to increase its ever-declining sales in the Indian market. In addition to filing patents for Sherpa and Hunter back in January, the brand has officially filed trademarks for two more names with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) namely Flying Flea and Roadster.

Be it the introduction of new touchpoints or the updated engines for its motorcycle range, Royal Enfield has been constantly offering better opportunities to its customers to get ahead in the competition. Both the newly filed names will be used by the brand for its upcoming motorcycle range, merchandise as well as the other body parts and fittings.

The name Flying Flea is now new for the two-wheeler manufacturer since it was the nickname offered to the brand’s 125cc two-stroke motorcycle that was specifically designed for British War Department to make use in WW2. In addition to this, the brand also launched a limited edition Classic Pegasus series back in 2018 that was based on the Flying Flea.

The motorcycle was used in different operations by the British army in wars since the kerb weight of just 59kgs made it easy to port from one place to another for multiple battlefield operations. In addition to this, the brand currently features a roadster motorcycle named Interceptor 650 that has been able to set a good record in terms of sales ever since its launch.

The brand might use the name “Roadster” for a similar Interceptor 650 inspired motorcycle though featuring different design language that will compete in the market with the likes of motorcycles from Harley-Davidson or Triumph.

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The rumours also suggest that the brand might introduce a 750cc engine for its upcoming motorcycle range that will be capable of offering optimum performance. Since the brand is planning to introduce multiple new motorcycles across its portfolio, the good times for the Royal Enfield enthusiasts are just around the corner.


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Royal Enfield Flying Flea and Roadster Trademarks Filed
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