Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 Launching in India or Not? – Here’s What We Know So Far

As per the recent media reports, the much-awaited RE Himalayan 650 is definitely in the works and it is getting closer to an official reveal in the coming months. The rumours regarding the existence of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 started three years back in 2018 and finally, we have a concrete update on the upcoming motorcycle.

According to the latest details available, Royal Enfield’s 650cc adventure motorcycle is being developed at the brand’s UK technology centre, which has a private testing facility, the reason Himalayan 650 has not been spotted to date.

Earlier, the RE Himalayan 650 was rumoured to launch in India in 2021 but as the brand is busy testing the upcoming Hunter 350, Scrambler 350, and the all-new Cruiser 650, it seems like the Himalayan 650 will take some more time to enter the adventure motorcycle segment. We are expecting the motorcycle to launch in India by the end of 2022 or in early 2023.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 Rendered Image
Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 Rendered Image by SRK Designs

As Royal Enfield’s CEO Siddhartha Lal has already hinted at a bigger Himalayan, one fact that comes clear is that it will share the engine with the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. The 648cc twin-cylinder engine is good for 47HP @ 7250 rpm and 52Nm @ 5250 rpm. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The same engine on the Himalayan 650 is expected to generate a different set of output figures to suit the characteristics of an adventure motorcycle.

The present-generation RE Himalayan is powered by a 411cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected, BS6-compliant engine producing maximum power of 24.3HP @ 6500 rpm and a peak torque of 32 Nm @ 4250 rpm. The bigger Himalayan will be offered a lot of design changes to overcome the limitations of the current-gen model while the pricing is expected to stay around Rs 3.00-3.25 lakhs (ex-showroom).

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Rendered Image Source: IndianAutosBlog


  1. Alex Bub says

    I have the latest 411cc EFI Himalayan and am really enjoying it. Reliable, comfortable both on the street and in the dirt. Perfect bike for casual adventure riding. I also own a KTM520 EXC, 450 EXC, WR250R, DR650, and 30 other motorcycles. The Himalayan takes me back to the joy I had from my first bike many years ago. Makes me smile! Not the fastest but the fun factor is way up there. Thank you Royal Enfield and yes I want a 650 as well!

  2. Pathik Panchal says

    I own Himalayan bike & very much satisfied, only problem which I face with these bike is the fuel capacity. Every 250 KM’s we have to find an gas station which very hard & tidious while we are on ride in rough terrain. My suggestion for new himalaHim 650 is the fuel capacity should be more or average should be more:-)

  3. Supong Longchar says

    This comment to have come for a KTM(arguably the best dual-purpose bike manufacturer) is indeed an eye opener. Waited for the release of KTM 390Adv, however, when compared to the style of riding, the higher ps which it provides was not put to use and in terms of torque there was just marginal difference of 2nm. Hence, I’ve been with REH for 4 months with 7k round about in odo. As said, its a joy to ride. I hope when they release REH 650 one will be more confident to tame the Highway too. Looking forward.

  4. 24CaratHooligan says

    A failure??! Have you even read a review? That little Himi is an absolute hit across the UK – (don’t know about anywhere else) and is holding up well against much bigger bikes. I can’t stop smiling when I’m on mine, best money I ever spent.

  5. DEMANGE says

    The future Himalayan 650 should be a ONE CYLINDER bike, and NOT a 2 CYLINDER ! A 2 cylinder motor on the Himalayan would be a crime against the classic old-fashioned image and specificity of this wonderful bike. I sincerely hope RE will develop a new and more powerful ONE CYLINDER motor (500, 550, 600 or 650 cc), even if this takes 1 or 2 more years to develop. The existing Himalayan just needs an additional 5 to 10 HP. It would be a perfect bike with that additional power on a ONE CYLINDER motor. I am almost certain a 2 cylinder motor would be a mistake from the RE management : such a bike will find no (or only very limited) success among the bikers. RE must maintain its specificity, and not try to imitate competitors !!

  6. Veronike Harris says

    I agree. I’d like to see them refine the existing bike without moving too far from its original concept. There are already modifications to the exhaust, air filter and ECU that add 5 HP or so as described in the wonderful Itchy Boots YouTube channel, which made quite a difference according to her, so they don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just provide a measured improvement.

  7. Olivier Simon says

    I hope the final project won t look like the picture … that s so ugly
    i have big hope for the next 650 himalayan, the engine specification looks great, as said below, could have been even better with a single cylinder engine. Anyway, 47 hp and good torque around 5000rpm sound good for low ridding and highway.

  8. Sampoteste says

    If the new bike looks like that picture it would be a let down in my opinion. The lines of the current model are just perfect. I agree, a few more ponies is all that this bike needs. It moves well as it is but a bit more headroom is welcome. I know Hitchcock’s is developing a big bore kit for it. I am not sure of how much power it will add to the bike but I am sure the extra displacement will move either the hp or torque needle in the right direction.

  9. Subham Safaya says

    Hey RE, I have always been in love with Himalayan, since long time I have been gathering money for the new BSVI version of Himalayan 650 but after I saw the image of the new model I don’t know is the IMG generated by RE or it’s a fan made but if it is officially I’m really disappointed the current Himalayan is completely fine and very good to ride and the model is eye catching but the New model might not be so close to the heart as the old one is attached I beg in behalf of all the RE lovers plz don’t change the model instead put some more powerful and efficient engine.

  10. Philip K Freeman says

    The 411 is good for single rider , the 650 needs 2 cyl for less vibes. The looks are not as important on a true adventure bike , unless you are just town riders .

  11. Abhishek Pandey says

    Just making news out of nowhere…Using artist rendered images.. No test mule spotted no official words nothing…will keep circulating this news every month… Somebody will post about upcoming jawa adventure m’cycle .. Some will post about upcoming dominar adventure…upcoming pulsar AS 250 based on duke 250 with adventure components… Then there will b fake news about upcoming hero xpulse 300… These fake news will show up after every few weeks… I dont know why … You should post only after you have something concrete..

  12. Michel Favron says

    Wow what a great looking bike! Move away Ducati Scrambler; here comes Royal Enfield.

  13. Mohammed Maqzood says

    I really really hope that the BS6 model is a lot bigger and better than the BS4. The only thing that stops me from getting these bikes is mainly because of the sizes. For a tall person like me this bike does not seem very suitable for me. I hope they launch a gigantic beast .

  14. Eden E says

    I hope they increase the ground clearance just a tiny bit more !!!

  15. Eden E says

    I agree completely

  16. Eden E says

    Although itchyboots says so, other say that the ECU does nothing to it, and its a waste of 300$ :/

  17. Veronike Harris says

    It wasn’t only the ECU that provided the improvement, it was in conjunction with the other modifications. If someone can’t improve on the factory settings, which have to take emissions into account, they shouldn’t be working in that area.

  18. Joe Crennan says

    Use what you have is the simplest way: Kawasaki 300x. RE twin engine would be more off road suitable than this very successful bike. I have one. Not fond of the engine compared to my cbr300, but a very good bike, lighter and far more powerful than Himalayan

  19. Brook Melee says

    RE has already addressed that they will not be making a 650 anytime soon. Get over it.

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