Royal Enfield Himalayan Owners Facing Reliability & Quality Issues

Royal Enfield Himalayan was seen as a ray of hope by millions of fans who wished to win all kinds of terrain in the country. It looked like Royal Enfield finally got some typical off-road action in their pocket and then came these array of customer reported quality issues. The same is growing day by day as people are reporting multiple failures of various components on the motorcycle. The first was seen on the official video where CS Santosh was performing stunts and the right foot peg broke during the shoot.


Royal Enfield Himalayan Owners Facing Reliability & Quality Issues 

The bike was made for adventure lovers but has disappointed many in terms. Ankit Soni was at the dealership to buy his dream bike and the one which he was about to receive was leaking fuel before the delivery. The problems ranging from blocked fuel pipe, fuel tank chipping, gearbox failures, rusting, dis-assembly of front forks and even the bike pulling to one side has been faced by many riders. The crack in one of the chassis of the Himalayan was even the most doubtful thing among other shocking problems.


Royal Enfield’s top management officials have generated a long list of changes that are to be made to every Himalayan, once it comes to the service center for regular checkups. They want the guys at every dealership to replace the clutch, inspect and replace (if required) T-stem, replace magneto coil, check for valve rubbing noise and replace if required, check tyre crack complaints and listen to the customer feedback attentively. They have even warned that if things get bad at dealer level, they will take the issue seriously.

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Cracked Chassis


Flywheel key split into half 


Rusted & Damaged Front Suspension


One of the Owners Faced Fuel supply blockage due to Chipping of paint inside the fuel tank

Images & Data Source – RushLane | TeamBHP

Royal Enfield Himalayan Owners Facing Reliability & Quality Issues
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