Meet Custom-Made Royal Enfield Himalayan Xtreme Off-Road Version

Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles have made a custom Himalayan that is good enough to take on a 4000-km long journey in the Scram Africa expedition. As Royal Enfield Himalayan is counted as a compact adventure tourer in front of other huge machines, this typical Himalayan Xtreme has a lot more than just visual enhancements attached to itself. As the modification of motorcycles in India is illegal by the court orders, this example from the international market shows that Indian products still have the potential to keep things easy on the toughest possible terrains. The 411cc engine is still good for 24.5 HP and 32 Nm, choosing to stay in the stock form under the new body.

The motorcycle now supports dual tone paint finish, single seat and revised front facial expressions. The small, round headlight has made way for the squarish unit packed inside a frame while fender now remains on the upper end completely. The rear features a fender-less setup while exhaust now takes a good turn to improve the suspension travel without scraping the base. The front and rear tires are different from the stock unit, featuring rough road-specific treads and leaving behind the dual purpose setup on the India-spec model.

The addition of knuckle guards and other safety features has made the Himalayan Xtreme a living example that matches the dirt bikes of the 1980s. The overall modification to the motorcycle has resulted in weight loss and agility improvement. The stock instrument console gave way to a minimal unit that sits right next to the custom handlebar. The switches on the centre area are now controls for the updated switchable ABS and USB port control. The luggage rack is removable, leaving just a custom LED headlight and number plate holder. The Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles have kept the stock 21-inch front and 17-inch rear rim size.

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Meet Custom-Made Royal Enfield Himalayan Xtreme Off-Road Version
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