Belt Drive Kit for Royal Enfield Motorcycles [Price & Details]

Bandidos Pitstop, the motorcycle accessories and riding gear shop in Thrissur, Kerala is offering a belt drive kit for the Royal Enfield motorcycles. The all-new belt drive kit allows the motorcycle’s chain drive system to be replaced with a belt-driven system which further offers increased power and torque figures. The belt-driven kit is currently available at Bandidos Pitstop at a price tag of Rs 15,990 (including taxes).

The all-new belt-driven system has been specifically designed by Legundary Custom Built and is available with the Bandidos both online as well as offline. The brand has ensured an increase in power and torque delivery with the installation of belt-driven transmission through a recently conducted dyno test by Race Dynamics.

Belt Drive Kit for Royal Enfield Motorcycles

Designed by Legundary Custom Built

The dyno test conducted on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 with a belt drive system witnessed the motorcycle register a maximum power of 39.5HP and a peak torque of 44.8Nm at the wheels. The power and torque figures have been noted duly with the help of dynamometers used by the Race Dynamics.

Similarly, the belt-driven system on the Royal Enfield Classic 500 was capable of offering maximum power of 17.3HP and an increased torque of 29.8Nm at the wheels. The system offers a straight gain in the torque by 7Nm when compared to the 22.4Nm of torque offered at wheels with a chain drive system.

Belt Drive Dyno Test Video

Interceptor 650 & Classic 500

According to the brand, the belt-driven system offers a smooth and quiet ride when compared to the one offered by a chain drive system. The decrease in friction further ensures maximum power flow and improved efficiency while at the same time offers maximum safety.

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Bandidos Pitstop ensures that the belt drive doesn’t require any other mechanical bits to be altered in the stock motorcycle and doesn’t require lubrication at any stage of the motorcycle’s life. The use of poly-carbon material in the belt makes it much stronger and reliable when compared to the chain.

The belt-driven kit offered to the customers features a single belt and two sprockets. The brand is further offering 3 years/unlimited kilometres warranty for its new product. The interested customers can further contact Bandidos Pitstop to get more details on the belt drive kit or can order it online here.

Belt Drive Benefits

  • Increased Efficiency of up to 98%
  • Clean | Quiet | Compact
  • Longer Life and Trips
  • High-Speed Torque Transmission
  • Smooth Acceleration & Gear Shift
  • Ideal Wet Drive Solution
  • No Lube & Sprocket Replacement Required
  • Maintenance Free
  • Environmental Friendly Operation
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Belt Drive Kit for Royal Enfield Motorcycles [Price & Details]
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