3 Riders on a Royal Enfield Bullet Arrested by Gurgaon Police for Using Loud Exhaust

Royal Enfield Riders Arrested: Three riders on a Royal Enfield Bullet were arrested recently for making loud noises out of their customized exhaust. The incident took place on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. These riders were intercepted by police around 3.15 PM on Friday as they were disturbing the commuters around this stretch by making loud cracking sounds.

FIR was filed against all of them under Section 160 of IPC. They were released on bail while motorcycle was seized until court orders the release statement. Gajender, Khemraj and Arun were triple riding on a motorcycle that belonged to none of them. It was borrowed by Gajender from his friend.

As per police report, they were riding dangerously and making loud sounds from their silencer. Keeping public safety at front, they had to intercept and take all three accused into custody. Creating nuisance on road is even more dangerous as other riders around can get scared with such loud sound and lose control of their vehicle.

Royal Enfield Riders Arrested
3 Royal Enfield Riders Arrested by Gurgaon Police for Using Loud Exhausts

Police is planning to have some help from mechanics as understanding the mechanism will help them prove the charges better when the riders appeal against these charges in court. They have issued challans to many riders in past but this was a bigger move.

Royal Enfield bikes are defamed by certain riders by using loud aftermarket exhausts with no sound filters inside. In stock condition, the exhaust sound is negligible and not just that, emission are also under control all the time.

“They were riding dangerously and creating explosion-like sound to scare away other commuters. They were disrupting peace. We understand the craze but ruckus on road is not tolerable. So, we took action,” said ASI Om Prakash, the investigating officer, who booked the three.

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“We have also impounded their bike which will be released only on the order of court,” he added.

News Source: TOI

3 Riders on a Royal Enfield Bullet Arrested by Gurgaon Police for Using Loud Exhaust
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