10 Quick Facts About Royal Enfield Thunderbird X Series

Royal Enfield recently launched the new Thunderbird 350X ABS and 500X ABS in India for INR 1.63 lakh and INR 2.13 lakh respectively. Both the prices are ex-showroom Delhi. The model takes inspiration from certain custom-made motorcycles in India. Here are 10 quick facts about the new Royal Enfield Thunderbird X series.

10 Quick Facts About Thunderbird X Series

1) Alloy Wheels: For the first time in Royal Enfield’s history, they offered a model with alloy wheels as stock. Thunderbird X comes with matching 9-spoke black alloy wheels that look amazing on its body. All other models in the company lineup are either offered with chrome or black spoke rims.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird X
Thunderbird X is the 1st Royal Enfield Series to Get Tubeless Tyres & Alloy Wheels As Standard

2) Tubeless Tyres: As spoke rims from Royal Enfield does not support the tubeless tyres, Thunderbird X becomes the first motorcycle to offer tubeless tyres as standard. Most buyers used to switch from spoke to alloy and then get the tubeless tyres for their Royal Enfield motorcycles. But now RE will offer it as standard on the new 350X and 500X.

Thunderbird X Side View

3) Matt Black Exhaust: Both the Thunderbird X series models are equipped with a matte black engine as standard. Chrome exhaust looked excellent but still, the best part came with Thunderbird X that brought Matt Black exhaust on both the 350X and 500X. It forms a unity with the engine and dissolves perfectly in the black themed lower half.

Thunderbird X Front 3-Quarter View

4) New Seat: The divided seat on standard Thunderbird makes way for this beautifully crafted single seat on Thunderbird X. It is perfectly chiselled for a comfortable riding experience and looks well padded at places that hold the rider and pillion intact in tough riding conditions.

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5) New Handlebar: Royal Enfield has made the Thunderbird X series by keeping city rides in mind. It comes with a different handlebar that is not as high as the standard model. It also seems wider than before for the typical bobber feel from once a cruiser motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird X
There is no change in the design and layout of the instrument console

6) No Pillion Backrest: As short rides do not need the level of comfort that one demands from a long one, Royal Enfield Thunderbird X comes without a pillion backrest. This makes hopping on the rear seat an easier task than the standard Thunderbird model. Also, the rear now looks completely different.

7) Bright Shades: Here is something that can make fans go crazy for this motorcycle. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X is available in the Yellow and Blue shade while Thunderbird 350X comes in Red and White shade. The available shades are seen just on the fuel tank as Redditch edition while all other panels are kept Black as standard.

Thunderbird X in Yellow Color
Thunderbird X in Blue Color
Thunderbird X in White Color
Thunderbird X in Red Color

8) Two Engine Options: The powerful 350cc and 500cc motors are retained from the standard Thunderbird series for the motorcycle. This makes the Thunderbird 350X good for 19.8 BHP and 28 Nm of torque. On the other hand, Thunderbird 500X will produce 27.2 BHP and 41.3 Nm of massive torque. Both engines are mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

Thunderbird X Front 3-Quarter

9) Dual-Channel ABS: Thunderbird X series comes with dual-channel ABS as standard, making them one among the safer-than-ever Royal Enfield bikes. The price gap of INR 50,000 between both the models brings a bigger engine with fuel injection to the buyers while everything else remains identical for both bikes.

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Thunderbird X Rear 3-Quarter

10) Impressive Pricing: Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X comes for INR 1.63 lakh. The real math came after subtracting the cost of rear backrest and tubes from the motorcycle and adding the alloy wheel cost on top. Thunderbird 500X costs INR 2.13 lakh. The former comes out as a value for money machine while the 500X commands exclusivity.

10 Quick Facts About Royal Enfield Thunderbird X Series
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