Royal Enfield ‘Ride Sure’ Warranty Package Details & Price List

Royal Enfield recently launched the ‘Ride Sure’ warranty package for its motorcycle portfolio in India. The brand currently offers two years warranty with every purchase of the Royal Enfield motorcycle while the ‘Ride Sure’ extended warranty program will further increase the warranty of the bike by two more years.

Under the new extended warranty program, the Royal Enfield motorcycles will now be available with a 4-year or 50,000 km warranty, whichever comes first. The program has been specifically developed by the brand to offer better ownership experience to its customers as well as retain them strategically after the warranty period is over.

The extended warranty is further available to the customers in three levels namely Basic, Basic Plus, and Premium. With the Basic ‘Ride Sure’ warranty package, the customers will only be able to get an overall warranty of 4 years or 50,000 km while the Basic Plus package will offer the customer with free roadside assistance for the second, third and fourth year.

The third warranty level includes the Premium Package which offers the customers with free part replacement in addition to the extended warranty and roadside assistance. The customers with the said package can replace the clutch cables, brake pads and more free of cost parts within four years or 50,000 km covered. Though, the replacement will only be offered if the parts are damaged with regular usage. Here is the official price list of the warranty package.

‘Ride Sure’ Warranty Package

Basic Package

  • 350cc Models – INR 2,150
  • 500cc Models – INR 2,650
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Basic Plus Package

  • 350cc Models – INR 3,100
  • 500cc Models – INR 3,650

Premium Package

  • 350cc Models – INR 5,300
  • 500cc Models – INR 5,900

The components covered under the extended warranty program includes fuel tank, engine cylinder head, engine block assembly, pushrod kit, piston and connecting rod assembly, crankcase magneto cover, carburettor, all sensors, fuel pipe, engine fasteners, oil cooler, oil pump, fuel pump, cam plate, throttle body, transmission, sub-frame, sprag clutch, frame assembly, starter motor, hydraulic tappet, rear shocker, engine bearings, ECUs, engine flasher unit, fuel injector, valve and valve mechanism, chainstay, RH cover, front and rear brake callipers, and headlamp casing.

The customers can visit their nearest Royal Enfield showroom to get more details and to inquire about the warranty program packages.

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Royal Enfield ‘Ride Sure’ Warranty Package Details & Price List
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