5-Year Insurance Rule: Updated Royal Enfield On-Road Price List

Royal Enfield is one among the most affected brands after the new 5-year insurance rule. It is equally effective on all two-wheelers but the base price of a bike decides the total insurance premium to be paid by the owner. The sudden doubling of premium amount occurs when considering a Royal Enfield bike with a 499cc engine, all thanks to the category division that considers all motorcycles above 350cc equally. The most selling models, however, use 346cc engines to stay safe and attract a lower premium. Royal Enfield Bullet 350, the most basic motorcycle from the manufacturer, comes with a basic premium of INR 7781 for 1-year comprehensive and 4-year third party insurance.

Royal Enfield Classic Signals Edition
Royal Enfield Classic Signals Edition

On the other hand, choosing 1-year zero depreciation and 4-year third party cover attracts INR 8563 worth premium. Buyers looking for a 5-year comprehensive package will need to pay INR 13,112 as one-time premium. The 5-year zero depreciation package costs INR 16,725. The same value is INR 21,075 for Classic 350 Signals and mind-blowing INR 33,597 for Thunderbird 500X. However, the most basic package for this motorcycle is 17,558. It shows how the third party value varies largely for an above 350cc bike in the country. The approx INR 8000 value for basic Classic 350 insurance premium is almost halfway to the amount that buyers will need to pay for a Dominar.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird X
Royal Enfield Thunderbird X

Royal Enfield On-Road Price List

After 5-Year Insurance Rule

 Model Price
Bullet 350 INR 1.39 lakh
Bullet 350 ES INR 1.55 lakh
Classic 350 INR 1.65 lakh
C350 Redditch INR 1.74 lakh
C350 Gunmetal INR 1.75 lakh
C350 Signals ABS INR 1.91 lakh
Thunderbird 350 INR 1.77 lakh
Thunderbird 350X INR 1.84 lakh
Bullet 500 INR 2.07 lakh
Classic 500 ABS INR 2.45 lakh
C500 Stealth Black ABS INR 2.48 lakh
C500 Squadron Blue ABS INR 2.48 lakh
C500 Desert Storm ABS INR 2.48 lakh
C500 Chrome Edition ABS INR 2.57 lakh
Thunderbird 500 INR 2.32 lakh
Thunderbird 500X INR 2.41 lakh
Himalayan ABS INR 2.19 lakh
Himalayan Sleet ABS INR 2.21 lakh
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*Above mentioned prices are on-road Mumbai (Approximate), please contact your nearest Royal Enfield dealership to get the exact price quote in your city.

5-Year Insurance Rule: Updated Royal Enfield On-Road Price List
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