Steelbird Kukka Helmet Launched in India @ INR 1899

Steelbird Kukka K-1 series of helmets are now available in India starting from INR 1899. The open face helmet series is available in multiple colours under the various names, helping buyers enjoy variety for their everyday rides. Even the most affordable variant of the Kukka K-1 series (Sling) has more than 23 colour options, with Pout being served in a single theme and base finish.

Steelbird Kukka K-1 Sling
Steelbird Kukka K-1 Sling

The design is quite practical as buyers can switch between various extensions to keep their personal choice alive. The designer straps on all the Kukka series helmets are reflective in nature. The Kukka K-1 helmets are ISI certified and can be bought in both 580mm as well as 600mm size options. Here is a list of all variants available under the Kukka series.

Steelbird Kukka Price List

  • Kukka Pout: INR 1,899
  • Kukka Sling: INR 1,899
  • Kukka Jack: INR 1,999
  • Kukka Hydra: INR 1,999
  • Kukka Moto: INR 1,999
  • Kukka Force: INR 1,999
  • Kukka Floret: INR 1,999
  • Kukka Boots: INR 1,999
  • Kukka 1957: INR 1,999
  • Kukka Hot Rod: INR 1,999
  • Kukka Polka: INR 2,279
  • Kukka Camo: INR 2,279
Steelbird Kukka K-1 Hydra
Steelbird Kukka K-1 Hydra

The classic design lines and lightweight architecture of the Steelbird Kukka helmets make them suitable for retro-modern bikes and peppy scooter owners of the country. However, those looking for something more strict in terms of performance can consider the full-face helmets from the brand.

Kukka K-1 is available with soft cheek pads for added safety and comfort of the riders while space for the ears has been carefully designed to avoid the feeling of being trapped inside the helmet when riding for long times.

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The attachment options for a cap and visor make Steelbird Kukka K-1 a great option in different riding conditions. Buyers looking for full face helmets can consider SBA-1 and SA-1 series from Steelbird for more safety and modern styling.

Steelbird Kukka K-1 Pout
Steelbird Kukka K-1 Pout
Steelbird Kukka K-1 Polka
Steelbird Kukka K-1 Polka
Steelbird Kukka K-1 Force
Steelbird Kukka K-1 Force

Price List Source: Steelbird India

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