4 New Suzuki Dirt Bikes are Coming to India (Details & Price List)

Suzuki is working hard to cover all sections of motorcycling in India, recently disclosing plans to launch four new dirt bikes in the country. The range will rival Kawasaki products in India, starting with a price tag of INR 2.65 lakh for DR-Z50 and going all the way up to RMX450Z for INR 8.75 lakh. The two middle models include RM-Z450 at INR 8.40 lakh and RM-Z250 at INR 7.20 lakh. As last three bikes from Suzuki are expensive when compared to the first one, fans would be surprised to know that former is using just 50cc of displacement and counts as a mini bike.

Suzuki Dirt Bikes Price List

  • DR-Z50: INR 2.65 Lakh
  • RM-Z250: INR 7.20 Lakh
  • RM-Z450: INR 8.40 Lakh
  • RMX450Z: INR 8.75 Lakh
Suzuki DR-Z50
Suzuki DR-Z50 @ INR 2.65 Lakh

Dealers have even received a limited number of units for RM-Z250 and deliveries for all other models can be had in three weeks of the booking date. The lightweight machines are made for recreational purposes and not just that, fans practicing for off-road events can also enjoy the impressive nature of these bikes on dirt tracks. The 49cc, air-cooled engine on DR-Z50 is required to pull just 54 kg of wet weight and offers low, children specific 560mm of seat height. The bigger 250cc option comes with 106 kg of wet weight and offers 955mm of seat height.

Suzuki RM-Z250
Suzuki RMX450Z @ INR 8.75 Lakh

The even bigger 450cc options are made for professional use, weighing just 112 kg for the RMX450Z. The one left uses a similar engine but, features a headlight for enduro use and trail riding purposes. These bikes are slightly expensive in comparison to Kawasaki options. The seat height of 960mm for the 450cc bikes makes the fact sure that riders need a lot more experience than usual to get a perfect ground touching experience. On the other hand, getting high seat height also means that the abundance of ground clearance is available at all times.

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Suzuki RM-Z450
Suzuki RM-Z250 @ INR 7.20 Lakh
Suzuki RMX450Z
Suzuki RM-Z450 @ INR 8.40 Lakh
4 New Suzuki Dirt Bikes are Coming to India (Details & Price List)
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