GIIAS 2018: All-New Suzuki Satria F150 Officially Unveiled

The heat at GIIAS 2018 is rising fast as all-new Suzuki Satria F150 was unveiled to claim a top spot among lightweight step-throughs internationally. The design is revolutionary, clearly ahead (in terms of practicality) of Suzuki products that are specifically made for the Indian market. The front section is light and totally out of proportion in comparison to regular scooters, flaunting a motorcycle face on something as lean as a marathon runner. The side profile of Satria flaunts moped style fuel tank arrangement, modern fairing, and decently placed radiator. Satria is a motorcycle with a thinner overall body.

Suzuki Satria F150 Officially Unveiled
GIIAS 2018: All-New Suzuki Satria F150 Officially Unveiled

The engine used on all new Satria F150 is a 147.3cc, single cylinder unit, producing 18.24 hp at 10,000 rpm and 13.8 Nm at 8,500. The numbers show typical performance bike output with six-speed gearbox for even smoother power delivery. It weighs under 115kg with full fuel and fluids, making it more powerful than a regular Yamaha R15 in terms of power to weight ratio. The seat is just 765mm high, further helping short riders enjoy city rides with more ease. Satria F150 measures 1960mm in length, 675mm in width and 980mm in height. It will prove as a useful option in traffic-filled roads.

The surprising fact for all new Suzuki Satria F150 is the use of 70/90-17 front and 80/90-17 rear tire, leaving everyone stunned with such thin rubber for more than 18 hp of power. Both ends of the machine are offered with petal disc brakes, with front getting a telescopic suspension for better handling. The under-seat storage on Satria come with USB charging as standard. It can be bought in Brilliant White, Titan Black, Stronger Red, Solid Black with Red inserts, Triton Blue and Matte Titan Black shade. The second last shade is available on India spec Gixxer SF.

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GIIAS 2018: All-New Suzuki Satria F150 Officially Unveiled
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