Suzuki Discontinues Intruder 150 Bike In The Indian Market

Suzuki Motorcycle India has decided to drop the Intruder 150 from its current bike portfolio in the country. Thus, the brand has removed the bike from its official website. The Intruder 150 was first introduced in India in 2017 and the brand developed it with the visual elements derived from the bigger Intruder M800 and M1800 bikes. 

Suzuki brought the Intruder 150 into the Indian two-wheeler market with great enthusiasm but didn’t successfully attract buyers. Therefore, zero sales of this entry-level cruiser motorcycle resulted in its discontinuation. There might be a vast range of reasons behind its unpopularity, but one of them was that the bulky design for a low displacement bike doesn’t suit well. 

Another source of concern for customers may have been the excessive use of plastic panels. These might get dislodged over time, causing vibrations and squeaking noises. As the panels are exposed to the outdoors, the lustre is also prone to fading. Such reservations may have deterred consumers from selecting Intruder 155.

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