Top 10 Best-Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes in India (August 2018)

Top 10 best-selling 150cc-250cc bikes in India offer diverse riding styles, with still one common factor between them. All are bound to bring the least possible cost of running, either through better mileage than others or availability of spare parts within range. Bajaj Pulsar scored the first position with 70,051 units in August 2018, leaving all others behind by a margin that takes more than just courage to break. The favorite Indian sportbike brand now offers optional ABS in top-spec models, planning to bring the same into every possible variant in the coming months.

Bajaj Pulsar RS200
Bajaj Pulsar RS200

TVS Apache stood second with 38,837 units. The value is still a respectful number as a drastic drop in sales will be soon witnessed on the list. Honda Unicorn series was good for 25,661 units and third position while Yamaha FZ is definitely their promising asset with 20,540 units. The brand is good for a much bigger overall number, all thanks to Fascino, FZ, and even the new R15. Honda xBlade for the fifth position with 8,884 units while R15 came sixth with 8,081 units. Honda CB Hornet 160R was the last promising motorcycle from the brand, scoring 7,221 units in August 2018.

TVS Apache RTR 200
TVS Apache RTR 200

Bajaj Avenger has well maintained its legacy with 4,786 units while Suzuki Gixxer shows no signs of further growth at 4,669 units. The tenth position was bagged by Yamaha SZ-RR with 2,768 units. Soon after the tenth position, the numbers are not at all promising for their respective brands.

Top 10 Best-Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes

Sales Report (August 2018)

  1. Bajaj Pulsar Series – 70,051 units
  2. TVS Apache Series – 38,837 units
  3. Honda Unicorn Series – 25,661 units
  4. Yamaha FZ Series – 20,540 units
  5. Honda xBlade – 8,884 units
  6. Yamaha R15 – 8,081 units
  7. Honda CB Hornet – 7,221 units
  8. Bajaj Avenger Series – 4,786 units
  9. Suzuki Gixxer Series – 4,669 units
  10. Yamaha SZ-RR – 2,768 units
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