Top 10 Best-Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes in India

When talking about bikes in India, interest of buyers is slowly shifting from commuter to more powerful motorcycles, offering a good number in sales to products that fall right below the quarter liter displacement limit. Here is a report of top 10 best selling 150cc-250cc bikes in the Indian market.

Best Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes

#1 Bajaj Pulsar Series

The uncrowned king of this segment, Bajaj Pulsar series witnessed a sale of 56,919 units in January 2018, safely making it the most selling motorcycle range of its segment. It spreads from 150cc to 220cc and comes with around 6 variants in total. This number can further be broken down in three categories.

  • Pulsar 150 – 30,425 units
  • Pulsar 180 + NS200 – 17,856 units
  • Pulsar 220F – 8,638 units
Best Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes
Bajaj Pulsar Series | Best Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes

#2 TVS Apache Series

The closest competitor to Pulsar, TVS Apache series sold a total of 32,647 units in January. This number includes 160, 180 and 200cc variants with no further details for variant wise sales distribution. This makes Apache a popular sport bike among Indian buyers, most probably due to their high performance engines and effective price tags. TVS delivered 242 units of the latest Apache RR 310 in India in Jan 2018.

Best-Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes in India
Apache RTR Series | Best-Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes in India

#3 Honda Unicorn Series

Both the Unicorn cousins may not sound loud or look as fancy as all others here. Still, they were collectively good for 30,016 units and gained the third spot among top selling 150cc-250cc bikes of India. Unicorn 150 took the majority of buyers (27,350 units) while 160cc Unicorn was even good for 2,666 buyers in January 2018.

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#4 Yamaha FZ Series

It may feel slower on paper but FZ series is one of the best-selling product range in India. In fact, Jan 2018 saw 17,172 units of sale for the fuel injected engine duo. This includes FZ, FZS, Fazer, FZ25 and Fazer 25. Here is the available breakdown.

  • FZ (Including Fazer) – 15,310 units
  • FZ25 (Including Fazer 25) – 1,862 units

Being a quarter liter machine, FZ25 still scored a good number and won over the KTM rival with almost 4 times the sale.

Best Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes
Yamaha FZ Series | Best Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes

#5 Bajaj Avenger Series

Avenger series claimed 7,728 units during the same period, helping Bajaj score the highest number of sales in 150cc-250cc segment. It comes with two different engine options and currently sells in three variants. Here is an engine wise sales report for Bajaj Avenger series.

  • Avenger 150 – 626 units
  • Avenger 220 – 7,102 units

#6 Honda CB Hornet 160R

Hornet is one popular option when considering a 160cc street bike. It sold 7,518 units in Jan 2018, helping it rank sixth among top 10 bikes of its segment. It is powered by a refined 162.71 cc engine but lacks that feel due to commuter style engine response. However, when it comes to looks, it looks perfectly beefed up for this job.

#7 Bajaj V Series

V15 started losing its charm few months back as it now sells just 25% the number of units when compared with last year. Still, it managed to claim the seventh spot with 4,595 units.

#8 Suzuki Intruder

A commuter friendly 150cc option in India, Suzuki Intruder 150 scored good and sold 3,833 units in January 2018. It seems surprising as not everyone was happy with the design language of the motorcycle.

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#9 Yamaha R15

Evergreen performer R15 is on the ninth spot with 3,232 units. This number includes both the V2 and S version, making it the most expensive 150cc option in this list. Yamaha recently launched the R15 Version 3.0 in India (Know More).

Best-Selling 150cc-250cc Bikes in India

#10 KTM Duke 200 + RC 200

KTM was good enough to bring 2,914 in sales from the entry level 200cc bikes. They even brought a bigger number of Suzuki Gixxer in Jan 2018.

Sales Report: 150cc-250cc Bikes (Not in Top 10)

  • Suzuki Gixxer – 2,889 units
  • Yamaha SZ Series – 2,532 units
  • Hero Xtreme – 1,672 units
  • Hero Achiever – 1,364 units
  • KTM 250 Duke – 558 units
  • Kawasaki Z250 – 2 units

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