Top 10 Best-Selling 2-Wheelers in India (May 2018)

Top 10 best-selling 2-wheelers in the Indian automotive market saw an impressive placement difference in comparison to the numbers seen last month. Honda Activa is no more the king of two-wheeler segment as Hero Splendor took back its position with 2,80,763 units.

The difference was not that huge as Activa scored 2,72,475 units in May 2018. When Activa was seen leading the industry, the gap went up to almost half lakh units due to the higher preference of gear-less vehicles in the country. It seems like the gear-less approach was temporarily trending as TVS Jupiter also registered lesser number in comparison to its earlier values.

Best-Selling 2-Wheelers
Honda Activa was the 2nd Best-Selling 2-Wheeler in May 2018

Top 10 Best-Selling 2-Wheelers

Sales Report (May 2018)

  1. Hero Splendor: 2,80,763 Units
  2. Honda Activa: 2,72,475 Units
  3. Hero HF Deluxe: 1,84,131 Units
  4. Honda CB Shine: 99,812 Units
  5. Hero Passion: 96,389 Units
  6. TVS XL Super: 73,067 Units
  7. Hero Glamour: 72,102 Units
  8. Bajaj Pulsar: 70,056 Units
  9. Bajaj CT 100: 64,622 Units
  10. TVS Jupiter: 58,098 Units

Hero HF Deluxe stood third with 1,84,131 units while Honda CB Shine came out as best selling the 125cc bike with 99,812 units. Hero Passion followed close with 96,389 units while TVS XL Super was good for 73,067 units.

This unique product has been seen in almost every top-selling two-wheeler list as XL Super currently serves every trader of the country with its powerful loading capacity and low cost of personal as well as good transport.

Hero Glamour (72,102 units) saw a sharp decline in comparison to its all-time high number while Bajaj Pulsar seems more than willing to take seventh place with 70,056 units.

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Best-Selling 2-Wheelers
Bajaj Pulsar NS200

Bajaj CT100 stood ninth with 64,622 units while TVS Jupiter got the tenth position with 58,098 units. May 2018 saw just three gear-less products among top 10 options while seven others were available with four, five and six-speed units.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 could have entered the list but unfortunately, the numbers are not rising as sharply as they did a few months back. These commuter specific products form a solid part of Indian transportation system as not every street in India is reachable through public modes of transport.