Top 10 Best-Selling Scooters in India (April 2018)

Top 10 best-selling scooters in April 2018 brought mixed results for different brands. Honda got the most benefits with Activa selling 3,39,878 units in those 30 days. The number is huge when compared to any other two-wheeler sold in India.

Even the geared champion, Hero Splendor, was long lost with a gap of approx 74,000. This made Honda Activa the most selling product in India for April 2018. The second position for scooters was bagged by TVS Jupiter, this time getting just 56,599 buyers and losing some of the fans to Honda Activa. It usually scored above 70,000 in last year.

Top 10 Best-Selling Scooters in India

Sales Report (April 2018)

  1. Honda Activa – 3,39,878 units
  2. TVS Jupiter – 56,599 units
  3. Suzuki Access – 43,354 units
  4. Honda Dio – 41,282 units
  5. Hero Maestro – 34,694 units
  6. Honda Grazia – 25,949 units
  7. Hero Duet – 18,153 units
  8. Hero Pleasure – 17,225 units
  9. Yamaha Fascino – 15,164 units
  10. Yamaha Ray – 12,784 units

Suzuki Access was good for 43,354 units while Honda Dio scored 41,282 units in April 2018. Former is a 125cc premium scooter with higher price tag than average selling scooter while latter comes with all new sporty graphics and addition of features.

It was the first one when both these were so close to Jupiter in the Indian market. Hero Maestro scored 34,694 units and claimed the fifth position among top-selling scooters of India. Honda Grazia, another premium 125cc option of India, got 25,949 buyers for itself during these 30 days.

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Hero Duet and Pleasure were two next selling scooters with 18,153 and 17,225 units in sale respectively. Yamaha Fascino came ninth with 15,164 units while Ray stays tenth with 12,784 buyers for April 2018.

Majority of the number goes to Honda while Hero and TVS also scored impressive overall scooter sales. Suzuki and Yamaha still have a lot of scope due to potential products.

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