Top 10 Bikes in India | Sales Report (October 2017)

Top 10 Bikes in India | Sales Report (October 2017): Sales in October 2017 were slightly over the average yearly sales of motorcycles in India. Surprisingly, the instant festive push was only seen in September 2017.

Top manufacturers were seen posting record sales for last 10 days of the month while some were seen pushing their remaining stock with huge offers for the buyer.

As always, Hero Splendor remained the top selling motorcycle with 2,15,631 units. The model contains sales from variants named Splendor Plus, Pro, iSmart 110 and Super Splendor.

Top 10 Bikes in India (October 2017)

Model Name Monthly Sales
1. Hero Splendor 2,15,631 Units
2. Hero HF Deluxe 1,51,656 Units
3. Hero Passion 88,997 Units
4. Hero Glamour 76,830 Units
5. Honda CB Shine 71,133 Units
6. Bajaj Pulsar Series 64,233 Units
7. Bajaj CT 100 59,827 Units
8. Bajaj Platina 52,834 Units
9. Royal Enfield Classic 350 48,469 Units
10. TVS Apache Series 34,185 Units
Top 10 Bikes in India
New Bajaj Pulsar NS200 | Top 10 Bikes in India

Second model on the list is Hero HF Deluxe at 1,51,656 Units in October 2017, proving its worth for every single rupee spent on it from last few years. Hero Passion and Glamour stood third and fourth respectively with 99,997 and 76,830 units respectively. Fifth spot was bagged by Honda CB Shine with 71,133 units.

These five bikes are purely commuter friendly and that shows how our market is dominated by fuel efficient machines with basic purpose of travelling a fixed distance from A to B everyday. Well, there is nothing bad in this at all.

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But, from a purist point of view, this limits the Indian market to products that are here from several decades and new ones can never take their place at any cost. We will continue with this thought after next five top selling motorcycles of October 2017.

Bajaj Pulsar series, consisting of almost seven variants, got the sixth position with 64,223 units. Next two spots are again bagged by Bajaj bikes. CT100 and Platina were good for 59,827 and 52,834 units respectively. Both are almost based on the same platform.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 came ninth with 48,469 units while TVS Apache series (with 3 different models and nearly uncountable variants) got the tenth position with 34,185 units. Coming back to the market scenario, I, as a writer and a motorcycle lover, feel that things are restricted to needs and not into an individual’s desire.

Allow me to compare two different markets and then, it would be easy to understand why India always get the products that are not up to the global standards of performance.

Top 10 Bikes in India
TVS Apache RTR 200 4V | Top 10 Bikes in India

Before starting this talk, I would like to clarify that I am not against high numbers in sales for any brand. I deeply respect their contribution to the country’s economy. Paying almost one-third of the value as tax is a big thing and auto industry has the guts to survive in all conditions.

Still, those who love motorcycling more than anything else are forced to get the same fate as an everyday rider. Number of motorcycles in developed countries are limited but profits of the existing brands are equally higher.

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Fans are always keen to know when will they get Duke 125 or G310R in India. If this goes the same way, they will never make it to India, even after being manufactured here in many cases. Trends play an important role here and the change is coming at the least interesting speed for the purist.

The blame game starts from the government and revolve around masses for every delay and in this case, it comes to be the same as ever. Lack of promising public transport starts the cycle and here you can understand the same in detail.

Top 10 Bikes in India
Royal Enfield Classic 350 (Rear Disc) | Top 10 Bikes in India

The word ‘I’ used here is an imaginative character. Heavily filled buses forced ‘I’ into buying a commuter and that almost took away the down payment of his dream (let’s suppose 302R in this case). If I was satisfied with the bus service, he would have saved more and traveled by the same bus for next few months.

More profit for the government indirectly. Instead of buying a bike worth INR 1 lakh, I would have bought the 302R, which will be used for pure driving pleasure and not an A to B commute. The same brand manufactures both the 125cc as well as the 300cc bikes internationally. They will get the desired profit by selling either of them. All it depends upon is the need of the masses.

I alone cannot change this trend but if you guys love riding more than everything else, these things matter a lot practically. Buy your dream machine. Always take care of the environment. Use a bicycle whenever possible and ride free all across India like you never did before.

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*Views of the writer are personal and Maxabout has no objection with any present trend of the Indian automobile market. Ride safe, always wear a helmet.