Top 5 Best-Selling 2-Wheeler Brands in India

Top 5 Best-Selling 2-Wheeler Brands in India: February 2018 was a great month for top motorcycle manufacturers. They registered amazing numbers with double digit growth when compared to same month last year. The jump was quite significant when seen in overall numbers as top five brands almost count for 1.5 million units in sale every month.

Hero MotoCorp was the highest selling brand with 6,29,597 units sold in Feb 2018. Hero is regularly clocking 6 lakh plus sales and that makes them highest selling brand throughout the year. Honda is following close and that is confirmed by 4,89,591 units of sale during the same period.

Best-Selling 2-Wheeler Brands

*Domestic Sales Figures (February 2018)
  1. Hero MotoCorp: 629,597 Units
  2. Honda 2-Wheelers: 489,591 Units
  3. TVS Motor: 230,353 Units
  4. Bajaj Auto: 1,75,489 Units
  5. Royal Enfield: 71,354 Units

Hero saw 20% growth while Honda registered 32% in Feb 2018. Battle of the titans will remain this way all year but who knows when Honda brings some surprise and overtake Hero by a considerable margin. TVS Motor sold 2,30,353 units in Feb 2018, claiming the third spot with 36.2 percent of growth over the figure seen last year.

Bajaj Auto stood fourth with 1,75,489 units of sale in Feb 2018. This made them good for 19% growth from Feb 2017. All these numbers do not include exports from these brands as adding them would help Bajaj jump over TVS in total number.

Royal Enfield sold 71,354 units in Feb 2018 and registered a growth of 26%. This makes them the fifth highest selling Indian brand. If trends remain almost similar to the pattern seen in Jan 2018, Yamaha and Suzuki will follow next as sixth and seventh largest selling brands of India.

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After all these, Piaggio is bringing good numbers to claim eighth position in the Indian sales chart. Almost entire Indian market is dominated by these eight brands as many other brands register triple or even double digit sales number. Due to unknown reasons, some brands never even reveal their sales figures.

Top 5 Best-Selling 2-Wheeler Brands in India
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