2018 TVS Apache RTR 160 Spy Video by TGB VLogs

2018 TVS Apache RTR 160 Spy Video by ‘The Gearhead Bureau’

Youtube channel ‘The Gearhead Bureau’ recently spotted something unique on their casual weekend ride. Wrapped up in a body that resembles TVS Apache RTR 200, it clearly seems to be lower spec model with a different set of specifications. Can this be the next big thing?

Going by the zoomed up image from this video, one can expect this motorcycle to be the all new, 2018 TVS Apache RTR 160. Those riders noticed the use of a different under seat silver body panel on the spied motorcycle. It even seems that TVS test rider willingly took a break to flaunt this suspicious machine to these curious motorcycle fans. Here is the full video:

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Although it had no badge on its body, the clearly visible body characteristics explains the relation with RTR 200. One can spot the same headlight, tail section and even the excessively brilliant instrument console.

Clear changes show the use of a long seat, rear drum brake and air cooled engine with a kick-starter. You can even notice those skinny tyres that would get served with a lower output than the RTR 200. The test rider had a cunning laugh when asked about the bike being the new Apache RTR 160.

TVS Apache RTR 160 is currently available in two different designs, differentiated by the use of ‘OLD’ moniker for the previous generation model. As Bajaj Auto recently launched Pulsar NS160 in India for INR 78,400, one could assume that TVS won’t miss this segment for too long.

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The results for this rival strategy is enjoyed by the customer as one could get the upper segment design for a much lower price tag. TVS is expected to keep the cost low with the same 160cc engine and maximum shared body parts with RTR 200. Minimal cost cutting features like thinner suspension components and tyres would be seen on this model.

Thanks to Ganesh Charan Hanagodu & Prajwal Nagaraj for sharing the video with us. This video was uploaded on YouTube by:

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