TVS Apache RR 310 Drag Race Model Makes Official Debut

TVS arrived at The Valley Run 2022 in full force with a customised Apache RR 310 that had been drag-tuned. The bike finished the quarter-mile sprint in 11.523 seconds. It competed in the Indian Open Unrestricted Class (up to 390cc), setting a new mark for the best time in the class.

To begin with, TVS extensively reworked the 312.2cc engine of the Apache RR 310. It now has lighter forged pistons, a titanium connecting rod, titanium valves, and a turbocharger. The reworked engine produces nearly twice as much power as the bike’s street version.

TVS has introduced a programmable, closed-loop electronic system with quick-shift and launch control. The wheels and sub-frame are only two of the new carbon fibre components added to reduce weight. The drag racing-ready bike is estimated to weigh 37% less than its road-going version after all these modifications.

To have a stable and minimal weight transfer impact while accelerating to max speed the ride height has also been decreased. The centre of gravity has been shifted forward to prevent wheelies when accelerating.

The Valley Run received 220 motorcycle entries in total across the various classes this year. With the tuned Apache RR 310, TVS secured the top two spots in the Indian Open Unrestricted Class (up to 390cc) class.

Jagan Kumar, a champion in the Indian National Motorcycle Racing, set the fastest time with a time of 11.523 seconds. That beats the previous record of 11.951 seconds established on a Yamaha RD350 by 0.428 seconds. With a time of 11.996 seconds, KY Ahamed came in second.

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